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Off-Payroll April 2021 private sector rollout now a certainty
The Off-Payroll Tax will be introduced to the private sector in April 2021 after the Finance Bill was passed through the Report Stage unchanged.

Off-Payroll passed through Committee Stage despite major concerns raised
The Off-Payroll Tax was passed through the Finance Bill’s Committee Stage yesterday, despite strong opposition to the legislation.

ICAEW urges Government not to include Off-Payroll Tax in Finance Bill
The ICAEW has urged Government to use the Off-Payroll delay to address the legislation’s inherent flaws and review the self-employed tax system.

BREAKING NEWS: Off-Payroll set to go ahead in 2021 as Government ignores concerns
The Off-Payroll Tax took a step closer to a 2021 private sector implementation after a tabled amendment failed to gain the Labour Party’s support.

Full 3-year delay to Off-Payroll tabled for Finance Bill
MPs are to vote on an amendment to the Finance Bill proposing that the extension of Off-Payroll to the private sector be postponed until 2023.

PGMOL Upper Tribunal victory solidifies mutuality of obligation in law
PGMOL’s UT victory leaves HMRC with no choice but to acknowledge its misconceptions concerning MOO and address CEST accordingly, legal experts claim.

IR35: HMRC’s MOO arguments fall flat in Upper Tribunal defeat to PGMOL
The taxman has failed with an Upper Tribunal appeal in a ruling which should spell disaster for the HMRC and its flawed interpretation of MOO.

Updated Off-Payroll factsheet launched to help educate MPs voting on Finance Bill
ContractorCalculator has published an updated Off-Payroll factsheet to educate MPs and prevent further damage to already bleak conditions for UK plc.

Off-Payroll: Lords report urges overhaul of flawed and exploitative tax framework
The Finance Bill Sub-Committee report issues a damning verdict of the Off-Payroll rules, before calling for an overhaul of the exploitative framework.

Lords report tells Government to address IR35’s inherent flaws and unfairnesses
Lords tell the Government to use the delay of the extension of the off-payroll rules into the private sector to completely rethink the legislation.

Lords slam Off-Payroll proposals in letter to Government
The House of Lords Finance Bill Sub-Committee has condemned the Off-Payroll Tax proposals in a letter to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

COVID-19: Public sector PSC contractors protected via Government double standard
Government has confirmed public sector PSC contractors will secure relief comparable to their contract rates in a brazen display of double standards.

Government employment rights claim proposal contradicts law, says legal expert
Suggestions that contractors deemed ‘inside IR35’ bring employment rights claims are practically impossible, says Professor Patricia Leighton.

Employer’s NICs – unlawful reverse chargebacks should be avoided
Reverse chargebacks imposed by agencies and umbrellas to deduct employer’s NICs from ‘inside IR35’ contract rates could constitute a criminal offence.

Questions remain over umbrella worker support entitlement under JRS
Industry stakeholders have called for clarity on the JRS amid concern that umbrella workers will only receive an entitlement based on an NMW pay rate.

HMRC continues to hide CEST test data
HMRC’s test data for CEST has again been found wanting, with the taxman failing to publish the test input necessary to ascertain the tool’s accuracy.

COVID-19: Limited company contractors excluded from self-employed support package
Limited company contractors are excluded from measures unveiled by Chancellor Rishi Sunak to support the UK’s self-employed through COVID-19.

IR35 & Off-Payroll – explained: essential compliance guidance - new book OUT NOW
IR35 & Off-Payroll – explained, a comprehensive 300-page compliance guide for the entire contractor supply chain, is available on Amazon now.

COVID-19: Contractors and the Job Retention Scheme
Contractors unable to work may be able to secure relief courtesy of the Job Retention Scheme or a proposed equivalent measure for the self-employed.

Self-employed face effective double taxation under Off-Payroll Tax
Thousands of contractors funding employment costs under the Off-Payroll Tax can claim back monies owed, explains tax barrister Alexander Wilson.

Loan Charge APPG publish report exposing fundamental flaw in Morse Review
Report exposes how Treasury commissioned Morse Review came to an unjustified conclusion leaving 35,000 000 – 40,000 people facing Loan Charge demands.

IR35 BREAKING NEWS: Government announces 12-month Off-Payroll delay
Government has announced a shock 12-month delay to the private sector rollout of the Off-Payroll legislation in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Off-Payroll Tax: Lords appear dumbfounded after HMRC witness evidence
House of Lords members appeared dumbfounded as HMRC and Treasury representatives provided unconvincing evidence during the latest committee hearing.

UK defence sector hit hard by Off-Payroll Tax
The UK’s defence sector is suffering a drastic fallout from the Off-Payroll Tax, impacting critical projects designed to protect the UK public.

Conduct Regulations pose Off-Payroll compliance challenges for agencies
Agencies making contract offers conditional on contractors working via an umbrella company are likely in breach of the Conduct Regulations.

Budget 2020: Off-Payroll Tax to go ahead, signals Chancellor
The Off-Payroll Tax will be extended to the private sector on 6 April 2020, the Chancellor of the Exchequer announced during this afternoon’s Budget.

Umbrella holiday pay: Are you receiving your full entitlement?
Contractors asked to work via umbrella companies by hirers following the Off-Payroll legislation should understand their holiday pay entitlements.

No evidence justifying Off-Payroll reform, Lords told by experts
The Off-Payroll Tax’s impact on vulnerable workers and HMRC’s failure to justify the proposed changes came under fire in the House of Lords yesterday.

Maternity rights to be stripped from self-employed women under new Conservative law
Ten’s of thousands of female self-employed professionals will have little to celebrate on International Women’s Day this Sunday.

Rife Off-Payroll non-compliance killing flexible workforce, our survey reveals
The UK’s flexible workforce is being decimated by Off-Payroll non-compliance, a new survey of over 12,000 contractors by ContractorCalculator reveals.

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