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IR35: Northern Lights v HMRC (UT) – IT contractor appeal dismissed by Upper Tribunal
HMRC’s victory at UTT is a warning not to rely on unexercised substitution clauses and to ensure working practices facts are communicated at FTT.

Professional Passport leads supply-chain compliance discussion with new report
Professional Passport publishes report laying down a pragmatic path to supply chain compliance. But, will HMRC listen?

Amendments tabled to Finance Bill to “curb or kill” umbrella companies
The amendments tabled by senior Conservative MPs seek to combat malpractice and reduce tax avoidance and evasion of potentially over £1bn per year.

Employment Tribunal awards contractor furloughed holiday pay
A recent Employment Tribunal (ET) ruling could be a significant case for contractors that have had holiday pay withheld during furlough.

Gary Lineker under HMRCs IR35 radar for £4.9 million
HMRC pursues presenter Gary Lineker for £4.9m in back taxes and NICs under IR35, despite his likely status of being in-business on his own account.

Loan Charge APPG report calls on Government to address contractor exploitation
The Loan Charge APPG has published a report urging Government to address the exploitation of contractors in non-compliant supply chains.

HMRC report fails to vindicate Off-Payroll extension
HMRC’s insubstantial report into the long-term effects of the Off-Payroll rules has prompted questions over the timing of the private sector rollout.

BBC Moneybox exposes FCSA umbrella accused of withholding £000’s from contractors
An FCSA-accredited umbrella company has been accused of withholding thousands of pounds in holiday pay, BBC Radio 4’s Moneybox programme reports.

How could Atholl House and Uber tribunal decisions affect IR35?
Two recent tribunal decisions involving presenter Kaye Adams and ride-hailing app Uber could bear significant repercussions for IR35.

No Off-Payroll delay in 2021 Budget – clients must prepare
Off-Payroll’s omission from the 2021 Budget has put an end to any faint hopes of a further delay, confirming the April 2021 private sector rollout.

Treasury Committee report threatens tax raid on UK’s self-employed
A Government inquiry seeking ways to mitigate the financial damage caused by Covid appears to propose a tax raid on the UK’s self-employed.

BREAKING NEWS: Kaye Adams IR35 ruling stands as Tribunal dismisses HMRC appeal
HMRC’s appeal against presenter Kaye Adams’ 2019 IR35 tribunal victory has been dismissed by the Upper Tribunal.

Supreme Court Uber decision good for gig economy but offers little for contractors
The Supreme Court has upheld the decision to assign ‘worker’ status to two former Uber drivers in a significant outcome for the gig economy.

IR35 Road Ahead survey reveals over half of firms are not ready for Off-Payroll
More than half of contractor clients are yet to prepare for the Off-Payroll rules, IR35 Shield’s ‘IR35 Road Ahead’ survey reveals.

IR35 Shield now underwritten by specialist insurer Markel Tax
IR35 Shield’s status assessments can be underwritten by leading insurer Markel Tax, to provide the supply chain with an added layer of valuable protection.

Government conduct challenged by Lords at Off-Payroll meeting
Government’s conduct in legislating the Off-Payroll rules was called into question during a House of Lords Finance Bill Sub-Committee meeting.

How firms can prepare for IR35 compliance under the new Off-payroll rules
Act Now! Ensure smooth implementation and no damaging consequences of leaving things too late.

Umbrella holiday pay: Are you receiving your full entitlement?
Contractors asked to work via umbrella companies by hirers following the Off-Payroll legislation should understand their holiday pay entitlements.

Former Financial Secretary Mel Stride calls for IR35 abolition
Former Financial Secretary to the Treasury Mel Stride called for the abolition of IR35 during a Treasury Committee meeting this afternoon.

HMRC announces plans to resolve Off-Payroll drafting errors
HMRC has announced it intends to resolve a recent legislative amendment to Off-Payroll that causes unintended consequences throughout the contractor supply chain.

Off-Payroll amendments could pose problems for payroll companies
The redefinition of intermediaries in the final amendments to the Off-Payroll legislation threatens to make umbrella companies redundant.

COVID-19, lockdown and IR35 prove detrimental to contractor wellbeing, survey shows
The UK’s response to COVID-19 has had a detrimental impact on the wellbeing of its flexible workers, a new ContractorCalculator survey reveals.

IR35: HMRC successfully overturns ‘Kickabout’ decision at Upper Tribunal
HMRC has successfully appealed a high profile IR35 defeat, after the UT overturned the decision in its case against Kickabout Productions Limited.

IR35: Government offers ‘tired old rhetoric’ in response to Lords Off-Payroll report
HMRC and the Treasury have failed to offer any proactive solutions to issues highlighted in the Finance Bill Sub-Committee’s Off-Payroll report.

Off-Payroll April 2021 private sector rollout now a certainty
The Off-Payroll Tax will be introduced to the private sector in April 2021 after the Finance Bill was passed through the Report Stage unchanged.

Off-Payroll passed through Committee Stage despite major concerns raised
The Off-Payroll Tax was passed through the Finance Bill’s Committee Stage yesterday, despite strong opposition to the legislation.

ICAEW urges Government not to include Off-Payroll Tax in Finance Bill
The ICAEW has urged Government to use the Off-Payroll delay to address the legislation’s inherent flaws and review the self-employed tax system.

BREAKING NEWS: Off-Payroll set to go ahead in 2021 as Government ignores concerns
The Off-Payroll Tax took a step closer to a 2021 private sector implementation after a tabled amendment failed to gain the Labour Party’s support.

Full 3-year delay to Off-Payroll tabled for Finance Bill
MPs are to vote on an amendment to the Finance Bill proposing that the extension of Off-Payroll to the private sector be postponed until 2023.

PGMOL Upper Tribunal victory solidifies mutuality of obligation in law
PGMOL’s UT victory leaves HMRC with no choice but to acknowledge its misconceptions concerning MOO and address CEST accordingly, legal experts claim.

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