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Off-Payroll: HMRC’s guidance versus the facts
ContractorCalculator examines HMRC recent Off-Payroll guidance, exposing its confusing, contentious and often contradictory advice.

NHS locum’s Upper-Tribunal IR35 appeal could set precedent for Off-Payroll practices
An NHS locum is to challenge an IR35 tribunal judgment in a case which could benefit healthcare workers affected by IR35 and the Off-Payroll rules.

HMRC defeats BBC presenters in IR35 tax tribunal
The taxman has defeated three BBC presenters in an IR35 tax tribunal ruling which could have significant repercussions for the broadcasting industry.

Off-Payroll: ‘assignment rates’ pose problems for contractors, agencies and clients
Contractors subject to the Off-Payroll rules should be aware of ‘assignment rates’, the quoting of which also poses risks for agencies and umbrellas.

BREAKING NEWS: Government confirms independent review of Loan Charge
Government has confirmed that Sir Amyas Morse will lead an independent review into the Loan Charge, concluding by mid-November.

Off-Payroll: Firms expecting clear guidance let down by HMRC
HMRC’s Off-payroll legislation guidance is unclear, incomplete and full of errors, so clients trying to implement the rules will need expert help.

Official review launched into disastrous retrospective Loan Charge
Boris Johnson announced in the House of Commons on Wednesday 4th September 2019 at 12:45pm that there would be a review into the Loan Charge.

Off-Payroll renegotiations to reduce rates likely to breach law, warns barrister
Agencies following HMRC’s advice to offset tax liabilities by renegotiating contract rates risk breaking the law, warns barrister Alexander Wilson.

Off-Payroll (IR35) compliance events launched to educate clients and agencies
A series of events have been launched to help firms effectively navigate their Off-Payroll compliance requirements and mitigate their tax risk.

10 ways HMRC can win back trust in CEST
HMRC has a long way to go to instil confidence in CEST. Here are 10 steps the contract sector believes HMRC should take to fix its flawed tool.

Misleading letters from HMRC and the Treasury re-emphasise tin-eared approach to IR35
Letters demonstrating the stubborn approach to IR35 shared by HMRC and HMT have reinforced the impending threat to the private sector and UK plc.

HMRC’s Off-Payroll impact statement is "full of falsehoods"
HMRC’s Off-Payroll impact statement has been criticised for containing several spurious statements and figures that fail to stand up to scrutiny.

Off-Payroll draft legislation published: Government dismisses consultation concerns
Draft legislation for proposed Off-Payroll private sector rules ignores consultation feedback and confirms clients will assess IR35 status from 2020.

HMRC pursuit of broadcasters suffers another blow with latest IR35 tribunal defeat
HMRC has suffered another high profile IR35 tribunal defeat, casting further questions over its ability to interpret and police the legislation.

Preparing for the Off-Payroll rules: what HMRC failed to warn hiring firms about
Firms hiring contractors risk major disruption in April 2020 if they fail to prepare for the behavioural impact of the Off-Payroll rules.

HMRC IR35 research tender proves key data was missing from final report, FOI reveals
Further concerns have been raised over HMRC’s published public sector Off-Payroll research, following the apparent omission of key information.

Thousands of NHS locums given hope, after urologist partially wins IR35 tribunal case
A split decision in an IR35 tribunal case between HMRC and an NHS locum could have major repercussions for other contingent workers in the sector.

HMRC refuses to stand by “irrelevant” CEST in IR35 tribunal case
HMRC has attempted to have evidence based on CEST struck out of an ongoing IR35 tribunal case, with its counsel branding the tool “irrelevant”.

Contracting bodies urge Conservatives to halt Off-Payroll Tax in open letter
Contracting bodies send open letter to the Conservatives urging incoming prime ministerial candidates to halt Off-Payroll Tax and Loan Charge plans.

Updated Off-Payroll factsheet launched to help educate the private sector
ContractorCalculator has updated its Off-Payroll factsheet, warning the private sector of the dangers faced following HMRC’s latest consultation.

IR35: summary of responses to Off-Payroll private sector consultation – June 2019
Feedback to HMRC’s latest Off-Payroll consultation has exposed several fundamental flaws in the taxman’s proposals, resulting in staunch opposition.

Network Rail accused of unlawful employer’s NI deductions under Off-Payroll rules
Network Rail has come under scrutiny after a document emerged suggesting it may have made unlawful employer’s NI deductions from contractor fees.

Fix CEST or risk mass uncertainty and tax status disputes, CIOT warns HMRC
Significant improvements to CEST are required ahead of HMRC’s proposed April 2020 private sector Off-Payroll rollout, CIOT has warned.

Off-Payroll Tax proposals deny taxpayers access to justice, experts warn
HMRC proposals to introduce a client-led disagreement process to the Off-Payroll rules would impede access to justice, IR35 experts have warned.

Treasury refusing to acknowledge IR35 “tax time bomb” planted in freelance sector
The Treasury has come under fire for misrepresenting the Off-Payroll reforms by refusing to acknowledge the tax liability imposed on clients.

HMRC’s defence of CEST ‘akin to climate change denial’ says ContractorCalculator
In an open letter, ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin has accused HMRC of denial over the number of contractors forced ‘inside IR35’ by CEST.

Launch of the Stop The Off-Payroll Tax campaign
The campaign is calling on the Government to drop these damaging plans – and instead launch a review of the IR35 legislation.

Early Day Motion opposing new Off-Payroll Tax tabled in Parliament
Contractors are urged to encourage their MPs to sign an Early Day Motion opposing plans to extend the Off-Payroll tax to the private sector.

CEST caused 98% and 87% ‘deemed employee’ rates at Met Office and CCS, FOIs reveal
FOIs reveal more absurdly high ‘deemed employee’ rates produced by CEST for contractors assessed by both the Met Office and Crown Commercial Service.

98% of HS2 contractors deemed ‘inside IR35’ as FOI suggests Off-Payroll non-compliance
98% of IR35 assessments conducted by HS2 in 2018 deemed the contractor caught by the Off-Payroll rules, suggesting further public sector non-compliance.

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