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Spring Statement 2018: does no IR35 update mean April 2019 changes are off the cards?
No news could mean good news for contractors as the omission of IR35 from the Spring Statement suggests delays to anticipated private sector reform.

What did Renoir, our virtual status lawyer, think of the Christa Ackroyd IR35 case?
Find out how Renoir, our free AI-powered virtual status lawyer, matched up against the judge when assessing the Christa Ackroyd IR35 tribunal case.

Poor legal advice cost BBC broadcaster thousands: IR35 tribunal analysis
A comedy of errors and a comprehensive tribunal verdict shows BBC broadcaster should have conceded liability before tribunal, says Martyn Valentine.

HMRC wins first IR35 case in seven years against BBC presenter Christa Ackroyd
HMRC has defeated a BBC presenter in the first IR35 ruling in seven years. Find out the main determining factors and key lessons for contractors.

History shows how contractors can overcome proposed changes to IR35
Lobbying can still prevent disastrous IR35 changes, but contractors should prepare for the worst case scenario, says PCG founding member Philip Ross.

Public sector IR35 reforms push social care sector closer to breaking point
Councils are in disarray as public sector IR35 reforms coupled with a backfiring social care initiative leaves them unable to attract locum workers.

Private sector IR35 reforms set for April 2019, infers latest HMRC Forum minutes
The latest IR35 Forum minutes suggest HMRC is going ahead with private sector reforms ASAP. Find out what you can do to prevent damaging changes.

Nurses & agencies using umbrella loan schemes risk tax bills and prosecution
Locum nurses using umbrella loan schemes owing to IR35 reforms risk huge tax bills and agencies face prosecution under the Criminal Finance Act.

Autumn Budget 2017: The key announcements affecting contractors
The Autumn Budget 2017 yielded mixed outcomes for contractors. Find out the good news and the bad news to come out of Parliament this afternoon.

Autumn Budget 2017: IR35 private sector rollout – consultation announced
The Government will consult on a private sector rollout of the damaging public sector IR35 reforms. Find out what you can do to stop this.

Contractors’ Handbook Edition 3: invaluable guide for new and experienced contractors
The brand new Contractors’ Handbook 3rd Edition is published, providing invaluable, up-to-date guidance for all successful modern-day contractors.

NHS survey: patient care services in crisis as IR35 reforms take their toll
The devastating impact that the IR35 reforms and subsequent skills shortages have had on patient services in the NHS has been exposed in a new survey.

Tunnel vision leaves Chancellor on brink of disastrous IR35 decision, warns IPSE
Public sector chaos and IR35 malpractice by HMRC don’t appear to be enough to deter the Chancellor from introducing a damaging private sector rollout.

IR35 in the public sector: are all NHS locums caught by mutuality of obligation?
By overlooking mutuality of obligation when assessing locums for IR35, the NHS is leaving itself vulnerable to potentially costly judicial reviews.

HMRC deliberately omitted key IR35 case law from CEST tool, reveals NHS webinar
HMRC admits to omitting MOO, a key employment test, from its IR35 tool CEST, yet insists NHS Trustees must use it to evaluate locum staff for IR35.

Eight ‘outside IR35’ assessments not enough to secure NHS consultant outside contract
An NHS consultant has been refused an outside IR35 contract despite proving her status eight times, with the NHS standing by HMRC’s flawed CEST tool.

IR35: New judicial review against NHSI due to incorrect IR35 assessments
Locums continue to be penalised by unqualified, unsupervised NHS admin staff who are making incorrect and/or blanket IR35 assessments

APSCo IR35 Reforms survey highlights damage caused by HMRC
Survey of recruiters reveals IR35 Reforms have damaged the public sector, driving up rates, costs and having an adverse affect on sourcing candidates.

Autumn Budget 2017: IPSE urges Government to seize opportunity to support contractors
With the Autumn Budget less than two months away, IPSE has outlined the measures it believes the Government can take to better support contractors.

IR35 lesson: Latest Addison Lee ruling proves working conditions override paperwork
Failure to consider the working conditions when assessing IR35 could cost contractors thousands, as reinforced in a recent employment tribunal case.

PRISM calls on Government to not extend IR35 reforms to private sector
PRISM calls on the Government to stop and analyse all evidence, before making plans to extend IR35 rules to the private sector.

Will the IR35 reforms hit the private sector soon?
Are the IR35 reforms going to hit the private sector? Decide for yourself as we compare the arguments for and against, then let us know your thoughts.

How to lobby your MP against more damaging IR35 reforms
The recent IR35 reforms caused considerable damage and could hurt you if rolled out to the private sector. Please lobby your MP now to prevent this - here’s how.

Tax and regulatory changes needed as contractor confidence plummets, says IPSE
If the Government wants to keep the UK workforce flexible, it must reassess its tax and regulatory framework, says IPSE’s Simon McVicker.

Public sector IR35 reforms survey: projects crippled by contractor exodus
IT departments and the NHS are amongst the worst hit sectors as a new survey shows the devastating impact of the IR35 reforms on the public sector.

IR35: Addison Lee ruling reinforces that working conditions override written contract
Contractors need to be mindful of their working practices to avoid IR35, after another contract was overridden in an employment tribunal last week.

Warning: Umbrella companies making advance gross payments aren’t compliant with law
Public sector contractors are at risk from a new dodgy umbrella scheme which makes use of ‘bonus’ payments which are liable for tax at a later date.

IPSE calls for more progressive approach from Government to address employment status
IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce shares his take on the Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices, and considers the impact on the contract sector.

Review won't burden professional contractors, Taylor tells ContractorCalculator
Matthew Taylor has told ContractorCalculator’s CEO Dave Chaplin that he has no plans to increase the burden for genuine self-employed contractors.

Contractors could be set to benefit from Government vulnerability, says IPSE chief
A Government in disarray following the General Election could spell good news for contractors in the immediate future, says IPSE chief Chris Bryce.

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