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Has HMRC misled the Chancellor and Treasury on the Off-Payroll tax and IR35 rules?
HMRC’s integrity has been called into question after correspondence emerged suggesting the Chancellor and Treasury may have been misled on the law.

HMRCs IR35 CEST tool without MOO can never be fully accurate says legal tax expert
IR35 tribunal history shows that, without considering MOO, HMRC’s CEST tool can never be fully accurate, says Chartergates director, Matt Boddington.

Supreme Court judgment exposes HMRC's misguided stance on employment status law
HMRC’s stance on MOO has again been disproven in court; this time as the Supreme Court rejects an appeal against the infamous Pimlico Plumbers ruling.

Have Off-Payroll IR35 reforms rendered contractors guilty until proven innocent?
With the Off-Payroll rules, HMRC has created a regime whereby contractors are considered caught by IR35 unless they can conclusively prove otherwise.

NHS implicated in multi-million pound tax dodge following IR35 reforms
HMRC chastised after it emerges NHS Trusts may have engaged in unlawful tax avoidance, incentivised by the Off-Payroll IR35 rules.

Latest contractor IR35 tribunal win suggests HMRC knew CEST was flawed upon launch
Details of a third defeat for HMRC in four IR35 tribunals to emerge this year suggests that the taxman knew CEST was legally flawed upon launch.

How to lobby your MP against more damaging IR35 reforms
The recent IR35 reforms caused considerable damage and could hurt you if rolled out to the private sector. Please lobby your MP now to prevent this - here’s how.

New Off-Payroll IR35 factsheet published to counter HMRC’s misleading rhetoric
ContractorCalculator has published an IR35 factsheet, debunking false HMRC claims while evidencing the damaging impact of the public sector reforms.

How HMRC’s IR35 reforms are destroying locum nurses’ livelihoods and patient care
Locum nurses have had their income reduced by roughly a third due to the IR35 reforms, compounding a pre-existing patient care crisis in the NHS.

HMRC edges closer to private sector ‘Off-Payroll’ rollout with IR35 consultation
HMRC’s IR35 consultation has been released, suggesting an extension of the public sector ‘Off-Payroll’ rules is a done deal in the taxman’s eyes.

IR35 BREAKING NEWS: Consultation is launched
The long awaited IR35 consultation for 'off-payroll' working in the private sector has been published by HMRC today.

IR35 case – Jensal Software Ltd v HMRC: full analysis
HMRC’s understanding of IR35 has been called into question following a conclusive victory for a contractor at a recent IR35 tribunal.

IT contractor defeats HMRC in decisive fashion in latest IR35 case
An IT contractor has overcome the taxman in an IR35 tribunal case which will raise serious question marks over HMRC and CEST.

BBC presenters fighting IR35: the final day in court
Three BBC presenters challenged their IR35 status and a substantial tax bill at a significant employment tribunal which concluded last Friday.

HMRC’s CEST figures, obtained by FOI, indicate widespread wrongful tax treatment
Thousands of contractors are overtaxed and can appeal following public sector IR35 reforms, findings from a ContractorCalculator investigation suggest.

Can umbrella companies deduct employer’s NI lawfully?
Attempts by recruiters and hirers to use umbrella companies to negate employment costs at the expense of contractors could lead to legal challenges.

HMRC holds no detailed evidence to prove CEST accuracy claims, reveals FOI requests
HMRC has acknowledged that it has no detailed proof to support claims about the accuracy of CEST, FOI requests from ContractorCalculator reveal.

HMRC still wrongly claiming all contractors caught by MOO, reveals IR35 Forum minutes
HMRC continues to insist that all contractors are caught by MOO, but has postponed disclosing legal arguments, the latest IR35 Forum minutes reveal.

MDCM Ltd case creates further controversy over IR35 and proposed reform rollout
Defeat at a recent IR35 tax tribunal has heaped further questions on HMRC, as it pushes for an extension of the chaotic public sector IR35 reforms.

Hammer blow for HMRC as contractor wins latest IR35 case
A contractor has won his appeal against HMRC in the second IR35 case of 2018, despite supposedly falling foul of two of the key tests of employment.

BBC pay fiasco highlights mess created by public sector IR35 reforms
A Parliament Select Committee on BBC pay has flagged up numerous issues regarding the implementation of the public sector IR35 reforms.

Spring Statement 2018: does no IR35 update mean April 2019 changes are off the cards?
No news could mean good news for contractors as the omission of IR35 from the Spring Statement suggests delays to anticipated private sector reform.

What did Renoir, our virtual status lawyer, think of the Christa Ackroyd IR35 case?
Find out how Renoir, our free AI-powered virtual status lawyer, matched up against the judge when assessing the Christa Ackroyd IR35 tribunal case.

Poor legal advice cost BBC broadcaster thousands: IR35 tribunal analysis
A comedy of errors and a comprehensive tribunal verdict shows BBC broadcaster should have conceded liability before tribunal, says Martyn Valentine.

HMRC wins first IR35 case in seven years against BBC presenter Christa Ackroyd
HMRC has defeated a BBC presenter in the first IR35 ruling in seven years. Find out the main determining factors and key lessons for contractors.

History shows how contractors can overcome proposed changes to IR35
Lobbying can still prevent disastrous IR35 changes, but contractors should prepare for the worst case scenario, says PCG founding member Philip Ross.

Public sector IR35 reforms push social care sector closer to breaking point
Councils are in disarray as public sector IR35 reforms coupled with a backfiring social care initiative leaves them unable to attract locum workers.

Private sector IR35 reforms set for April 2019, infers latest HMRC Forum minutes
The latest IR35 Forum minutes suggest HMRC is going ahead with private sector reforms ASAP. Find out what you can do to prevent damaging changes.

Nurses & agencies using umbrella loan schemes risk tax bills and prosecution
Locum nurses using umbrella loan schemes owing to IR35 reforms risk huge tax bills and agencies face prosecution under the Criminal Finance Act.

Autumn Budget 2017: The key announcements affecting contractors
The Autumn Budget 2017 yielded mixed outcomes for contractors. Find out the good news and the bad news to come out of Parliament this afternoon.

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