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Have You Been Denied Holiday Pay? Act Now to Claim What's Yours

If you've worked as a contractor through an umbrella company in the past 20 years, you may have had holiday pay wrongly withheld from you. Now is the time to reclaim what is rightfully yours through a new no-win, no-fee group legal action.

Launched by Contractors4Justice (C4J Ltd), this initiative enables contractors who have missed out on holiday pay to launch claims, without any personal financial risk. With legislation on the horizon that could close this window of opportunity, it's important to act quickly if you think you have a valid claim.

To proceed with a claim, you'll need copies of your contracts and payslips from the periods when you were denied full holiday pay. Claims can stretch back 20 years, with the average payout expected to be around £5,000 per worker per year affected.

This issue does not affect all umbrella companies - most operate compliantly in this area. However, where holiday pay has been wrongly withheld, contractors have legal grounds to retrieve it.

The government has previously voiced concerns about this practice, so reclaiming holiday pay is widely recognised as reclaiming what is rightfully yours as a contractor.

To get started with C4J Ltd, simply fill in a form, and an advisor will then contact you to assess your claim. If your case holds up, it can then proceed on a no-win, no-fee basis.

You will not be charged anything upfront. Instead, C4J will fund the group legal action. You will only pay a percentage fee later on if your individual claim is successful.

C4J plans to gather and prepare claims over the coming months before initiating legal proceedings. So it's important to register your details now before the legislative window potentially closes.

You can claim here: Make holiday pay claim

Make holiday pay claim

Published: Friday, 8 December 2023

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