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Contractor doctor: can I take my first contract at the company i'm planned on leaving?

Should you accept your first contract at the company you are leaving permanent employment to go contracting?

|Contractor Doctor Q+A

IR35 Court Cases: History of all cases and references to judgments

Interested in the IR35 court cases? Find here a list of all historic IR35 results and copies of the court judgments.


10 key failings of HMRC's IR35 testing tool CEST - 18 month investigation

An 18-month investigation by ContractorCalculator has uncovered numerous shortcomings and inconsistencies, proving that CEST is not fit for purpose

|Public Sector IR35 Reforms

CEST does not provide certainty or reasonable care, says ex-HMRC tax inspector

CEST doesn’t constitute reasonable care, meaning hirers who use it to assess IR35 status retain the tax risk, warns ex-HMRC inspector Philip Manley.

|Public Sector IR35 Reforms

How to appeal wrongful tax treatment following an incorrect Off-Payroll assessment

Tax expert David Kirk explains the various options available to contractors seeking to reclaim tax that has been overpaid as a result of Off-Payroll.

|Public Sector IR35 Reforms

CEST was not formally assessed under Governments own standards, reveals FOI

Despite impacting thousands of tax payers, HMRC’s online tool CEST was not formally assessed under the Government Digital Services standards.

|Public Sector IR35 Reforms

£200m tax reclaim among multiple consequences of HMRC’s malfunctioning CEST tool

HMRC is refusing to acknowledge the facts concerning its flawed CEST tool, when it should be bracing itself for a serious, and costly, fallout.

|Dave's Blog

Other Contracting News

‘Don’t do it, and definitely don’t do it anytime soon’ – IPSE’s response to the IR35 consultation | IPSE

In IPSE’s response to the consultation, they make one over-riding recommendation: don’t do it.

Fri, 10 Aug 2018 - Public Sector IR35 Reforms

Recruiters warned of need to prepare for possible IR35 extension | Recruiter

Recruiters have been urged not to “sit on their hands” and get on with preparing for the possible extension of off-payroll working rules into the private sector.

Fri, 10 Aug 2018 - Public Sector IR35 Reforms

HMRC launches internal investigation into conduct of officers involved in flawed prosecution

HMRC has launched an internal investigation into the conduct of officers involved in a flawed prosecution bought against a high-profile London restaurateur.

Sun, 05 Aug 2018 - Tax Issues

Dentists fear tax status inquiry will lead to catastrophe

Dental businesses fear a “catastrophe” if a tax investigation into thousands of their staff determine that dentists who claim to be self-employed are actually full-time employees, potentially costing the industry millions in extra costs.

Mon, 30 Jul 2018 - Public Sector IR35 Reforms

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Business Advice

“Don’t do it”: Self-employed send HMRC final warning ahead of IR35 reforms

HMRC has been urged by a number of trade groups to scrap plans to extend IR35 self-employed tax regulation into the private sector.

Staffing Industry News

UK – Government under pressure to delay private sector roll-out of IR 35 tax reforms

HMRC is under pressure to rethink its plans to extend IR35 tax reforms to the private sector and scrap its "unfit" assessment tool.

The Register

UK taxman told: IR35 still isn't working in the public sector, and you want to take it private?

HMRC, is under pressure to rethink "short-sighted" plans to extend IR35 tax reforms to the private sector and scrap its "unfit" assessment tool as a consultation on the matter closes today.


HMRC contractor tax testing tool 'wrong' in almost half of cases

HMRC has been using a misleading tool to determine whether self-employed contractors should be taxed at a higher rate

The Register

CEST la vie, IR35 workers: HMRC sets out stall for ignoring Mutuality of Obligation

HMRC is in denial about omitting MOO from its CEST tool

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