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How HMRC’s IR35 reforms are destroying locum nurses’ livelihoods and patient care

Locum nurses have had their income reduced by roughly a third due to the IR35 reforms, compounding a pre-existing patient care crisis in the NHS.


HMRC edges closer to private sector ‘Off-Payroll’ rollout with IR35 consultation

HMRC’s IR35 consultation has been released, suggesting an extension of the public sector ‘Off-Payroll’ rules is a done deal in the taxman’s eyes.


IR35 BREAKING NEWS: Consultation is launched

The long awaited IR35 consultation for 'off-payroll' working in the private sector has been published by HMRC today.


IR35 case – Jensal Software Ltd v HMRC: full analysis

HMRC’s understanding of IR35 has been called into question following a conclusive victory for a contractor at a recent IR35 tribunal.


IT contractor defeats HMRC in decisive fashion in latest IR35 case

An IT contractor has overcome the taxman in an IR35 tribunal case which will raise serious question marks over HMRC and CEST.


BBC presenters fighting IR35: the final day in court

Three BBC presenters challenged their IR35 status and a substantial tax bill at a significant employment tribunal which concluded last Friday.


Negotiation for contractors

Learning how to negotiate well will ensure you secure interviews and contracts at the top rates.

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IR35: The Meltdown

If the new system hits the private sector as many expect, it’ll take effective guidance and comprehensive support from advisers to defuse the ticking IR35 timebomb.

9 hours ago - IR35

Wounded HMRC must think long and hard about IR35

Perhaps it’s time HMRC assessed its own ways of working, and not everyone else’s....

Tue, 22 May 2018 - IR35

Scrap employer's NI to make tax fairer for contractors

HMRC’s war on tax avoidance is futile unless it acknowledges that it is the source of the problem

Tue, 22 May 2018 - Public Sector IR35 Reforms

Health warning as staff face bills for back tax

With HMRC chasing millions in lost revenue, doctors and nurses have been told to check their pay history.

Sun, 20 May 2018 - Tax Issues

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Staffing Industry News

UK – HMRC IR35 consultation for the private sector to hit end users and staffing firms

HMRC to consult on rolling out IR35 reforms into the private sector

IT Pro

IR35 news: IT contractor successfully appeals HMRC IR35 claim

IT contractor takes on HMRC and wins in latest IR35 case


Scrap employer's NI to make tax fairer for contractors

The tax system is flawed and urgently needs addressing by HMRC

Computer Weekly

Ex-DWP IT contractor wins IR35 case appeal against HMRC

A court has dismissed HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) demands for £26,000 in payment from a public sector IT contractor it claimed had fallen foul of the IR35 tax avoidance rules.

The Guardian

When attitude trumps experience – lessons on hiring your first employee

Some do's and don'ts on hiring your first employee

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