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Applying for a contract via email
So, you've seen a job you like and are going to apply via email. Read about an effective structure for email applications.

Financial considerations when deciding to take a contract
Should you accept the offered contract or wait for a higher paid one to come along? Let's look at the numbers.

Decide between an hourly or daily contract rate and maximise your earnings
There are pros and cons for both hourly and daily rates. Find out what they are here, and choose the one to maximise your earnings.

How to find a contract: guide for UK contractors
The contract search process explained. Advice and guidance on securing lucrative contracts.

10 common mistakes made when searching for a contract
10 common reasons why some contractors are less successful than others when searching for a contract. Learn not what to do!

Should contractors use agents to find contracts?
Examines the financial issues and practicalities when deciding whether to use agents to find contracts or go it alone.

Advantages of using agents to secure contracts
Explains the advantages of using agents to find contract positions.

When your CV is used without your permission
You have a right to keep control of your CV. And you can do something about it when agents don't respect this right.

How contractors should prepare for financial services screening
It's important to understand the process of financial services screening as it is becoming impossible to work in the sector without it.

Contractors have common problems with agencies
There are a series of recurring complaints that contractors have with agencies. Contractors should be aware of them.

Do agents require references before putting forward my cv?
Agents have a right to ask for references. But they probably will put you forward without them at first, and those who insist may not even have real jobs to offer you. You need to sort out the rubbish when dealing with agents

Contractors can win public sector contracts
The Public Contracts Regulations 2006 came into effect this year, and they make it much easier for contractors to win tenders from government agencies and organisations.

How contractors should handle client references
You don't have a legal right to a reference be it from the agency or the end-client. But if you are denied a reference, you could sue for liable as that's tantamount to saying you didn't do a good job.

Securing contracts by adding your CV to job boards
Job boards are increasingly dominating the recruitment sector, providing contractors with an effective way of getting CVs in front of more agents.

Contracting direct with the client: advantages and disadvantages
Although most contracts are available only via agents, some contractors can work for the client direct, with both advantages and disadvantages.

Fancy being your own recruitment agent? Not much to it, is there?
Contractors who fancy having a go at being their own agent might think again after hearing about a day in the life of Ashley Cooper of Parc Ellis.

Contracting and security clearance: a guide for contractors
Why you need security clearance to work as a contractor on certain public sector projects.

Finding contract work: 10 tips for contracting job seekers
Finding contractor jobs requires a different approach to seeking permanent employment and contractors using a focused approach enjoy greater success.

Using social media to win contracts
Contractors can increase the chances of being found by recruiters & to find contracts by using social media, says Paul Clutton of Hays Senior Finance.

Contractor guide to pre-contract screening and background checks
Contractors across all contracting disciplines & sectors are likely to undergo pre-contract background screening, explains Dan Shoemaker of HireRight.

10 things agencies do for contractors to win them work
Contractors often don’t realise the huge amount of work agencies perform behind the scenes to win them work. Mark Dexter of KDR Recruitment explains.

Contractor guide to securing healthcare informatics accreditation for NHS contracts
IT contractors seeking NHS contracts can increase their chances by applying for healthcare informatics accreditation, explains UKCHIP’s Jean Roberts.


Preparing for an interview
We explain the preparation you need to do before an interview to maximise your chances of being offered a position.

How to pass an IT interview - 21 killer tips to get that job
Are you a great techie but terrible at interviews and don't get hired? Read 21 tips for IT interviews.

The killer interview technique – the ultimate way for you to get hired
This article offers describes the Killer Interview Technique for maximising your chances of interview success and ultimately getting offered the contract.

Common interview mistakes that contractors make
Discusses the common interview mistakes that contractors make that prevents them from being offered the role

Interview tips - 10 key points for contractors and freelancers
If you have strong interview skills, you have a greater chance of winning contracts. Here are ten golden rules that will help you shine at interview.


Dealing with agents and building relationships
Understanding how to deal with agents will maximise your contracting career.

What is IR35? Does it apply to your contract?
It is tax avoidance legislation designed to ensure workers using an intermediary but who are ‘disguised employees’ pay the correct amount of tax.

What is an acceptable agency margin?
What is an acceptable margin, how it is calculated, and should you even negotiate it?

Negotiating your contract for IR35 compliance
If you have been offered a contract which is caught, or are in a contract that is caught you’ll need to consider negotiating changes to get it outside. We explain how.

Are contractors being exploited by agents
Some contractors think that agents continually exploit them whilst knowing nothing about the industry. We explain why this is not the case.

How to negotiate your initial rate with agencies to maximise your contractor earnings
Tips on how to maximise your rate when securing an initial contract.

Accepting and signing a contract offer
After receiving a contract offer there are a few more aspects to consider before starting your first day.

The reason agents don’t want to pay contractors market rate
Reasons why your agent would rather lower your rate than increase it.

Conduct of employment regulations: a guide to opting in or out
Most contractors don’t need the protection provided by the Conduct of Employment Regulations and when asked by their agency, can choose to opt out.

Contractors should take care with verbal agreements
It’s fine to have a verbal agreement with your client or agent—these are valid contracts. Just take care in how you handle them.

Relocation costs are your responsibility when contracting
If a contract obliges you to relocate, you need to account for the costs. You may deduct a large part of it all from tax, but that may still leave you with a hefty bill. Here's how to handle it.

How contractors can check their client or agency is financially sound
To the contractor, an agency or client appears secure, but behind the scenes the firm may be cash-strapped. Sid Home from Creditsafe explains how contractors can ensure their client is financially sound.

Contractors opting out of the Conduct of Employment Regulations: where do they stand?
Timing is everything when it comes to opting out of the Conduct of Employment Regulations. But in most cases opting out is the best course of action.

Contractors should be wary of accepting lower rates with promises of higher to come
Contractors offered an initial low rate with the promise that the rate will increase in time should ensure the rise is written into the contract.

Charging clients a retainer – how they work
Contractors with sought-after expertise can generate lucrative fees from client retainers using a range of retainer and charging models.


Effective CV writing for contractors
The impact your CV makes determines whether you get asked for an interview. This article introduces all the aspects of writing high impact targeted CVs.

How to work out what contract rate to charge and maximise your income
Going contracting and don't know what rate to charge? Follow this advice and you will be sure to maximise your earnings.

Successful contracting – the importance of a professional sales approach
Advice and guidance on using a professional sales approach during your contracting career.