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Have you been experiencing problems getting a mortgage or remortgage?
Many borrowers are finding it difficult to find a mortgage lender to meet theirs needs. Have you?

Are you worried about your IR35 status?
Now that Dragonfly’s Jon Bessell has lost his IR35 appeal, are you getting the jitters about your own IR35 status?

Would you move abroad to keep your contract?
As economic uncertainty rises, skilled workers are leaving the UK for more secure positions abroad. Would you move overseas to keep your contract?

Has your client or agency turned into a persistent late payer?
As economic conditions worsen some are finding paying the bills on time getting harder every month. Are you suffering from late payment?

What will you do if HMRC stops contractors from claiming travelling expenses?
The Treasury is threatening to stop contractor who use umbrella companies from claiming travel expenses. How would you react if this happens?

Has your client asked you to take an extended holiday?
To save money without cutting rates and losing key contractors, some clients are asking contractors to take longer holidays. Has this happened to you?

Is it time for contractors to lead a tax rebellion?
Should there be a tax rebellion if the UK tax system is not overhauled?

Do you think contractors should be paid damages by HMRC?
Should HMRC for forced to take responsibility for its aggressive tactics?

Would you like to get contract opportunities via your mobile phone?
As technology allows even more services to be available via our mobile phones, is this another advertising channel for recruiters to find contractors?

Have you found a contract through a social networking site?
Do social networking sites have a place in finding contracts? Have your found a contract using Facebook or LinkedIn?

Has your client asked you to take a contract rate cut?
Are the banks making a mistake asking contractors to cut their rates? Have you been affected by rate cuts, or indeed rate increases?

Do you have to ask your client for permission to take time off?
Having to ask permission for time off can be an indication that you are controlled by the client, which is one of the main factors in an IR35 challenge.

What's your tips for staying contracting during a recession?
With pundits warning that a recession is around the corner, and surveys indicating a market slow down, what's the best way to cope for contractors?

Should everyone go contracting?
Is contracting for everyone? Apart from the job skills, are there some people who are slated to be contractors?

Does contracting and family life balance out?
How does contracting balance with your family life?

Has your agency ever helped with your contracting?
Agents and contractors often don't get along. But there are times when an agency can help with your contracting. Has that ever happened to you?

Have you had to relocate for your contracting?
Have you ever had to relocate for your contracting? How did it go?

Should contractors blow the whistle on projects that go wrong?
If a project is going bad, and you think you know what's wrong, what should you do?

Has social networking become important in your contracting?
Has social networking become important in your business?

How should contractors sell themselves?
Are you good at selling yourself? Do you have some tips for the rest of us?

What should contractors expect from the 2008 budget?
Will the new Budget to be announced this Wednesday, March 12 include any good news for contractors?

Have you considered contracting abroad?
Have you considered working abroad? There are many opportunities, particularly in Australia or the US. But can you handle the adaption to a new country?

How will contractors cope with agency workers legislation?
If Europe has its way, we will all have to have employment rights. What will that mean for the way in which we work as contractors?

Contractors, can you show us the money?
As Tom Cruise says, can you show me the money? How can we make more money and develop our careers as contractors?

Are contractors affected by the credit crunch?
The credit crunch has put pressure on the UK economy, but is it affecting contractors?

Do we contractors need industry standards?
Contracting has always been a free-for-all, but now there are several initiatives to introduce industry standards. Do you think they will help?

Is your contracting business building into something you could sell?
Are you building a sustainable business in your contracting, perhaps something that you eventually could sell?

Contractors, are you saving for your taxes?
You pay the tax bill at the end of the year, but most of us don't plan carefully to pay it. And are you making good use of the money you hold for taxes and VAT?

Are you contractors getting too close to the client?
Getting too integrated with the client can cause you tax problems, or you may find you're doing far more than the contract calls for?

What is your biggest contracting problem?
What is your biggest problem in contracting? Agents? Clients? Gaps in Work? Tell us about it.