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PAYE/NI Net Salary Tax Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate your take home salary. It will show you PAYE, NI and Net Salary. Detailed Income tax and National Insurance contribution calculations included.

Work out your take home salary, as well as PAYE and NI contributions, determined by your gross annual salary, with this calculator.

Some contractors who operate via a limited company choose to pay themselves a salary, rather than adopting the usual remuneration strategy of low salary and paying the balance via dividends to mitigate tax liabilities.

This calculator works out and displays the PAYE and NI contributions that you will need to deduct from the net salary you pay yourself from your limited company, showing your net take home pay.

Please enter your gross annual salary to see your results:

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The simple NI/PAYE calculator allows you to calculate PAYE/NI on the salary that you pay yourself out of your limited company. Our tax calculator uses tax information from the tax year 2014 / 2015 to show you take-home pay – if you need to see details of PAYE and NI for a different year please use our advanced options.

Many contractors pay themselves a minimal salary keeping income tax and NICs low, taking the remainder of their income as dividends.

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