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Public Sector IR35 Reforms: Page 2

How contractors can and should use a limited company if inside Off-Payroll (IR35)
Limited companies remain advantageous for contractors caught by the Off-Payroll rules, once they have overcome the accounting challenges posed.

HMRC new Paper on Mutuality of Obligation incorrectly defines MOO, invalidating CEST
HMRC’s Paper on Mutuality of Obligation for the IR35 Forum incorrectly defines a key element of employment law that the taxman is supposed to enforce.

Survey: Major business disruption if new Off-Payroll tax hits the private sector
A ContractorCalculator survey has found many UK firms risk spiralling costs, intensified skills shortages and legal action if the new Off-Payroll tax hits the private sector.

Off-Payroll Working: Contractor lifts lid on HS2’s non-compliant IR35 practices
HS2’s failure to comply with IR35 has intensified skills shortages and imposed 30% tax hikes on contractors, says former HS2 contractor James Horabin.

Latest EAT ruling reinforces that HMRC erred in law with CEST tool
An EAT has overturned an earlier tribunal decision due to a lack of mutuality of obligation, proving that HMRC erred in law by omitting MOO from CEST.

How contractors can reclaim their tax for a wrongful IR35 assessment
Contractors who have been adversely affected as a result of the Off-Payroll rules could recoup thousands of pounds in overpaid tax. Find out how!

Has HMRC misled the Chancellor and Treasury on the Off-Payroll tax and IR35 rules?
HMRC’s integrity has been called into question after correspondence emerged suggesting the Chancellor and Treasury may have been misled on the law.

HMRCs IR35 CEST tool without MOO can never be fully accurate says legal tax expert
IR35 tribunal history shows that, without considering MOO, HMRC’s CEST tool can never be fully accurate, says Chartergates director, Matt Boddington.

Have Off-Payroll IR35 reforms rendered contractors guilty until proven innocent?
With the Off-Payroll rules, HMRC has created a regime whereby contractors are considered caught by IR35 unless they can conclusively prove otherwise.

Latest contractor IR35 tribunal win suggests HMRC knew CEST was flawed upon launch
Details of a third defeat for HMRC in four IR35 tribunals to emerge this year suggests that the taxman knew CEST was legally flawed upon launch.

How to lobby your MP against more damaging IR35 reforms
The recent IR35 reforms caused considerable damage and could hurt you if rolled out to the private sector. Please lobby your MP now to prevent this - here’s how.

New Off-Payroll IR35 factsheet published to counter HMRC’s misleading rhetoric
ContractorCalculator has published an IR35 factsheet, debunking false HMRC claims while evidencing the damaging impact of the public sector reforms.

HMRC’s CEST figures, obtained by FOI, indicate widespread wrongful tax treatment
Thousands of contractors are overtaxed and can appeal following public sector IR35 reforms, findings from a ContractorCalculator investigation suggest.

Can umbrella companies deduct employer’s NI lawfully?
Attempts by recruiters and hirers to use umbrella companies to negate employment costs at the expense of contractors could lead to legal challenges.

HMRC holds no detailed evidence to prove CEST accuracy claims, reveals FOI requests
HMRC has acknowledged that it has no detailed proof to support claims about the accuracy of CEST, FOI requests from ContractorCalculator reveal.

Nurses & agencies using umbrella loan schemes risk tax bills and prosecution
Locum nurses using umbrella loan schemes owing to IR35 reforms risk huge tax bills and agencies face prosecution under the Criminal Finance Act. vs HMRC CEST tool: How our tool can help everyone beat IR35
Keeping contractors outside IR35 is key to keeping their skills in the public sector. Find out how you can do exactly that with our IR35 shield tool.

Is HMRC facilitating tax avoidance with its own IR35 CEST status tool?
Analysis of HMRC’s CEST tool shows that it can’t be trusted and that it may even be facilitating tax avoidance. Find out how.

Test contractors for IR35 or risk litigation: IPSE’s warning to public sector clients
Public sector clients who don’t take necessary measures to assess contractors for IR35 could risk litigation, warns IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce.

Public sector IR35 reforms: Agency/client cooperation key to overcoming hurdles
Agencies and clients need to work together to ensure IR35 compliance, but FCSA CEO Julia Kermode warns of further threats to the supply chain.

Public sector contractors: How to calculate your new rate if IR35 applies
The public sector IR35 reforms mean many clients will only engage contractors inside IR35. Find out how much to increase your rate if IR35 applies.

Public sector contractors and clients need answers as HMRC postpones ESS tool launch
Contractors are being asked to work without IR35 status confirmation after HMRC delayed the launch of its ESS tool, warns Andy Chamberlain of IPSE.

Public sector contractors – 11 ways to commit IR35 suicide
Here are 11 things you must avoid if you want to stay outside IR35. Whatever you do, don’t ignore them!

Emergency action plan for public sector bodies affected by IR35
HMRC’s latest IR35 announcement poses another threat to PSBs. Find out how you can mitigate your risk of losing your contractors.

Public sector contractors need to renegotiate contracts now to avoid IR35 risk
IR35 reform makes public sector contract renegotiations essential and contractors need to let agencies know, says IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce.

How public sector organisations need to prepare for the IR35 reforms – right now!
Use our expert five step action plan to retain skilled resources, cut costs and keep compliant with the public sector IR35 reforms.

Public sector contractors: 6 step plan to carry on working outside IR35
Follow this 6 step action plan to keep you operating outside IR35 by mitigating the impact of the public sector reforms.

Public sector IR35 reforms are ‘a departure from reality’, warn experts
IR35 experts have slammed the public sector IR35 reforms as ‘hopelessly uneconomic’, with contractors amongst several parties set to bear the brunt.

Public sector IR35 reforms: contractors need to take stock, says IPSE chief executive
Public sector contractors need to consider their position following the biggest change to IR35 in its history, warns IPSE chief executive Chris Bryce.

IR35 public sector reforms: draft legislation threatens public sector car crash
Changes to plans to reform IR35 in the public sector are likely to give rise to a wave of contract disputes between contractors, clients and agencies.

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