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Contractor suffers defeat to HMRC in latest IR35 tribunal case
Robert Lee lost his appeal against HMRC after the tribunal determined he was “subject to overarching controls” while contracting for Nationwide.

Damaging impact of HMRC’s misleading webinars to NHS revealed
NHS Trusts are feeling the aftereffects of adopting a blanket approach to Off-Payroll, encouraged by HMRC, as staff shortages continue to intensify.

Help fight IR35 roll out - please take this survey NOW!
ContractorCalculator is requesting your final help to push back proposals to on the IR35 reforms, by completing a survey.

IR35 ruling leaves broadcasters facing uncertainty: Eamonn Holmes tribunal analysis
An IR35 tribunal ruling featuring some contentious decisions means an uncertain future for broadcasters targeted by HMRC’s IR35 clampdown.

Eamonn Holmes loses IR35 tax case despite forty years as freelance broadcaster
Eamonn Holmes loses to HMRC in IR35 tax tribunal over ITV engagements between 2011 and 2015 on grounds of mutuality of obligation and control.

Rough Tax Justice: ‘Team RALC’ dissects its IR35 Tribunal victory
Chris Leslie of Tax Networks Ltd and ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin dissect Team RALC’s IR35 Tribunal victory over HMRC.

Lib Dems pledge to review IR35 and abandon Loan Charge
A review of the Off-Payroll rules and a repeal of the controversial Loan Charge are amongst the manifesto pledges made by the Liberal Democrats.

Television presenter Helen Fospero defeats HMRC at IR35 tax tribunal
Television presenter Helen Fospero has overcome HMRC in an IR35 tribunal judgment which bore resemblance to the recent Kaye Adams case.

IT consultant wins latest IR35 case against HMRC and "army of lawyers"
An IT consultant and his small defence team have defeated HMRC and an “army of lawyers’ in an IR35 tribunal case which hinged largely on mutuality of obligation.

Christa Ackroyd IR35 ruling unchanged after appeal to Upper Tribunal
The Upper Tribunal has rejected an appeal from television presenter Christa Ackroyd against the IR35 tribunal ruling that emerged in February 2018.

HMRC defeats BBC presenters in IR35 tax tribunal
The taxman has defeated three BBC presenters in an IR35 tax tribunal ruling which could have significant repercussions for the broadcasting industry.

10 ways HMRC can win back trust in CEST
HMRC has a long way to go to instil confidence in CEST. Here are 10 steps the contract sector believes HMRC should take to fix its flawed tool.

Prove your contract is outside IR35 by collecting key evidence
Contractors generate evidence about it every day and by filing it they could halt an HMRC review at the outset.

Misleading letters from HMRC and the Treasury re-emphasise tin-eared approach to IR35
Letters demonstrating the stubborn approach to IR35 shared by HMRC and HMT have reinforced the impending threat to the private sector and UK plc.

HMRC pursuit of broadcasters suffers another blow with latest IR35 tribunal defeat
HMRC has suffered another high profile IR35 tribunal defeat, casting further questions over its ability to interpret and police the legislation.

HMRC IR35 research tender proves key data was missing from final report, FOI reveals
Further concerns have been raised over HMRC’s published public sector Off-Payroll research, following the apparent omission of key information.

Thousands of NHS locums given hope, after urologist partially wins IR35 tribunal case
A split decision in an IR35 tribunal case between HMRC and an NHS locum could have major repercussions for other contingent workers in the sector.

HMRC refuses to stand by “irrelevant” CEST in IR35 tribunal case
HMRC has attempted to have evidence based on CEST struck out of an ongoing IR35 tribunal case, with its counsel branding the tool “irrelevant”.

Fix CEST or risk mass uncertainty and tax status disputes, CIOT warns HMRC
Significant improvements to CEST are required ahead of HMRC’s proposed April 2020 private sector Off-Payroll rollout, CIOT has warned.

How to get an IR35 pass using the HMRC CEST status tool
HMRC’s IR35 CEST tool will only pass contractors in cases of absolute certainty. Find out the few routes through the tool that can make you pass IR35.

Treasury refusing to acknowledge IR35 “tax time bomb” planted in freelance sector
The Treasury has come under fire for misrepresenting the Off-Payroll reforms by refusing to acknowledge the tax liability imposed on clients.

HMRC’s defence of CEST ‘akin to climate change denial’ says ContractorCalculator
In an open letter, ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin has accused HMRC of denial over the number of contractors forced ‘inside IR35’ by CEST.

HMRC suffers another damaging IR35 tribunal defeat as presenter Kaye Adams wins appeal
HMRC has been criticised for wasting more taxpayer money pursuing ill-considered IR35 cases after victory for broadcaster Kaye Adams at tribunal.

Future IR35 policy under threat as FOI response suggests HMRC research was doctored
HMRC has conceded that information was omitted from research into Off-Payroll in the public sector, which could otherwise derail private sector plans.

Lorraine Kelly IR35 ruling proves HMRC’s CEST tool is biased and inaccurate
HMRC’s CEST tool has again failed to reach the same decision made at tribunal, having been tested against yesterday’s Lorraine Kelly IR35 judgment.

IR35 defeat threatens broadcaster backlash for HMRC: Lorraine Kelly tribunal analysis
HMRC faces questions over its pursuit of broadcasters following a damning IR35 tribunal defeat against presenter Lorraine Kelly.

BREAKING NEWS: Presenter Lorraine Kelly defeats HMRC in latest IR35 ruling
HMRC has lost another high profile IR35 tribunal case, after television presenter Lorraine Kelly successfully appealed a tax bill of £1.2m.

Treasury letters “guilty of spreading IR35 mistruths” to MPs, reveals new whitepaper
ContractorCalculator publishes a new whitepaper alerting MPs to 23 misleading claims peddled by the Treasury about the Off-Payroll (IR35) proposals.

Firms assessing existing contractors ‘inside IR35’ risk being in breach of contract
Firms who make tax deductions based on ‘inside IR35’ assessments of existing contracts risk being found in breach of contract, warns Martyn Valentine.

Legal analysis shows why HMRC is wrong about blanket assessments
HMRC comments that encourage a blanket approach to IR35 status assessments under the Off-Payroll rules are legally flawed, says Martyn Valentine.

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