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Launch of the Stop The Off-Payroll Tax campaign

As you know, ContractorCalculator have been highlighting concerns about the Government’s damaging plans to extend IR35 to the private sector.

Building on this, we have now launched the Stop The Off-Payroll Tax campaign.

The campaign is calling on the Government to drop these damaging plans – and instead launch a review of the IR35 legislation and to work out how to recognise contracting within the tax system.

The campaign website is here: and the campaign is on twitter @stopoffpayroll, please follow and use the #StoptheOffPayrollTax along with #IR35!

The Off-Payroll Tax has proved deeply damaging in the public sector since it was introduced in April 2017, yet despite this, the Government is intent on pushing ahead with the private sector rollout.

As you’ll know, they plan to include this in this year’s Finance Bill, which will be brought before Parliament in November, so all affected by it – contractors, client businesses, recruiters - need to campaign NOW to try to stop it!

We’re delighted to see that Ged Killen MP, who held a debate on this issue a few weeks ago, has now tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM 2379) calling on the Government to think again.

We need as many MPs as possible signing this, so please do email your MP and ask them to do so.

The best way of getting the message across to your MP is to go and see them in person, so if you write first about the damage The Off-Payroll Tax will do, and ask them to sign EDM #2379, and include that you would like a meeting with them in person. If you email we can send you a campaign briefing.

So please do spread the word and show your support on social media. The only way we can succeed is by all getting behind this.

Together we can make Government listen!

Let's make it real!

Dave Chaplin
CEO ContractorCalculator
Director, Stop the Off-Payroll Tax Campaign

Published: 18 May 2019

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