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We are against the proposed roll out of the Off Payroll Tax to the private sector. Contractors in the UK – and the many businesses who rely on them – are facing a monumental blow from Government with the introduction of the ‘Off-Payroll Tax’ and we want it stopped.

The #StoptheOffPayrollTax campaign, led by ContractorCalculator, is working hard to protect the livelihoods of contractors but we need your support to help Stop the Off-Payroll Tax.

Campaign Objectives – help save the flexible workforce

The roll-out of the off-payroll Tax will cause huge damage to the UK labour market, some of which has already been realised. The #StoptheOffPayrollTax campaign’s primary aim is to prevent these changes happening, but there are numerous possible outcomes that would hugely benefit all concerned.

The campaign has two key objectives:

  1. To stop the introduction of the damaging off payroll rules to the private sector.
  2. For the Government to instead launch a much-needed review into the deeply flawed IR35 legislation and to come up with the right way to recognise contracting in the tax system.
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Damaging Impact of the Off-Payroll Tax

Having imposed the ‘off-payroll working rules’ upon the public sector, HMRC is intent on enforcing a private sector rollout, and plans to do this by April 2020. This is despite the impact of the reforms in the public sector, which demonstrated its crippling impact on public sector projects and industry as a whole.

The Government’s proposed changes would:

  • Force thousands of contractors into false-employment
  • Expose self-employed contractors to excessive taxation
  • Drive up project costs significantly
  • Deprive UK industry of essential access to key skills
  • Further incite tax non-compliance and tax evasion
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Stop Off-Payroll Tax Campaign
Stop Off-Payroll Tax Campaign

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The Off-Payroll Tax legislation, that could mean you lose up to 30% of your income, is not yet law. Many MPs in the current Parliament, where the Government lacks a proper majority, do not wish the reforms to proceed. So, it’s by no means a done deal and we have a chance of stopping this – and it’s vitally important to contractors and contracting that we do so. We hope that once more facts are known and shared with MPs and businesses we can prevent the Off-Payroll Tax or at least make the reforms fairer. But this requires your support, both in terms of campaigning and also financially.