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Income Shifting Legislation: Page 1

Income shifting - guide for contractors
Explains the term ''income shifting'', where it comes from, and what it is.

Income shifting measures could be revived, says OTS Tax Director John Whiting
Measures to tackle income shifting – the ‘family business tax’ – are on the Office of Tax Simplification agenda reveals OTS Tax Director John Whiting.

Income shifting attack on contracting sector unlikely under coalition
The coalition government is considering tax breaks for married couples, possibly signalling the end of the income shifting attack on contractors?

Income shifting proposal revived by Treasury with contractors in mind
Proposals on income shifting would limit the ability for small businesses to share dividend income among spouses or partners.

How Much Will Income Shifting Tax Cost You?
Contractors who share dividends will pay a significantly higher amount of tax under the new income shifting proposals.

Contractors face 47% tax rise with new income shifting proposal
The tax bill for contractors could rise as much as 47% when the new income shifting proposals from the Treasury are passed into law.

Income shifting proposal unacceptable for contractors, experts say
Reaction to the announcement on ContractorCalculator that the income shifting proposal has been revived has been a unanimous: ''unacceptable.''

Exclusive: return of income shifting to directly target contractors
The Treasury's income shifting proposal, which we all hoped would go away, is coming back, and it's expected to target contractors.

Gloomy budget offers little to contractors and business
The first Alistair Darling Budget offers little to contractors or to business in general, but the infamous income shifting proposal has been delayed for a year.

Income shifting laws delayed until 2009
The infamous income shifting law has been delayed until 2009. This is in spite of protest from small business and objections from all major tax organisations.

Government's income shifting attack on contractors causes loss of confidence
The Government attacks on contractors, including the income shifting proposal, have caused a drastic loss of confidence in it.

Libdem treasury spokesman is grim on family business tax
At a press conference of the Professional Contractors Group, Liberal Democrat Treasury Spokesman Jeremy Browne was grim about the prospect of blocking the proposed Family Business Tax.

Contractors could see change on family business tax
Unofficial reports from Downing Street is that the Chancellor is planning to lighten up on the family business tax

Family business tax imposes intolerable burden, says CIOT
The Government is committed to reducing the burden of administration on small business, but the Family Business Tax proposed by the Revenue imposes an intolerable burden of administration.

Professional contractors group supports libdem motion on income shifting
PCG is strongly supporting the motion by Liberal Democrat Sir Robert Smith opposing the Treasury's income shifting legislation. We should all join in supporting it.

Getting down to the details in income shifting for contracting
The Chartered Institute of Taxation has shed some light on how we should apply the new income shifting burden that the Treasury has placed on our shoulders.

Income shifting proposals: how contractors should cope
The Treasury wants to put an end to income shifting, but contractors who share dividends with their spouses may be able to take concrete action to help ease the pain.

Leading conservative John Redwood slams income shifting proposals
Conservative economic policy leader John Redwood slams the Treasury's Income Shifting proposal.

Contractors must decide what their spouses are worth in income shifting proposal
The Government has published its consultation document on income shifting, and it's not pretty.

Do contractors have to fire their wives or husbands?
With the proposals made by the Treasury in revenge for Arctic Systems, contractors could have to fire their wives or husbands as employing them might no longer make sense.

Contractors face unworkable proposals on income splitting
A series of experts wonders if income splitting is possible in practice.

Contractorcalculator exclusive: income shifting proposals: plan to revenge Arctic Systems
The Government's plan to attack 'income shifting' is probably not yet formalised. The attack will be swift, but not very sure.

Pre budget report: contractors dividend income under threat
In the wake of the loss of the Arctic Systems case, the Government is planning to change the ways in which contractors share dividend income. The Pre Budget Report warns of a consultation.