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Contractor Mortgage Calculator

Calculate how a mortgage, and changing interest rates, impacts your contracting income

You can use this calculator to determine how your mortgage repayments will affect your monthly net income as a contractor.

This calculator will display the monthly charges you will incur for both a repayment mortgage and an interest only mortgage, as well as your remaining monthly income after payments. You can also work out the impact of interest rate changes.

Simply enter your mortgage loan size, loan period and interest rate, along with your current contract rate and IR35 status, to see how your mortgage is set to impact your finances.

Please enter your details to see your results:

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Mortgage Requirements:
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Rate: £
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Weeks per year:  
Annual expenses: £
Gross salary drawn as Director: £ (excl Employers NI Employees NI)
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Personal tax code:  
    (Single person code 1257L - Budget 2023)
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