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Dave's Blog: Page 10

Contracting and The Right(s) Stuff
If you think you know your rights as a contractor, you probably don’t! Contractors’ rights are restricted to those of any other business supplier.

HMRC’s pursuit of IR35 victory over contractors at all costs
HMRC’s dogged determination not to let lie the Larkstar Data IR35 case demonstrates an unhealthy obsession with winning, no matter what the cost.

Contractor insurance – don’t leave home (or work) without it!
Tempting as it is, contractors should think twice before cancelling insurance, because the past has a habit of sneaking up and biting you on the bum!

Calling all contractors: know your rights and don’t ever let them get away with it!
Contractors are finding things hard enough right now and don’t need agents or clients making it worse. Sometimes you have to call in the cavalry.

Perm-tractors: not to be mistaken with curly farm machinery. Or contractors.
Meet the perm-tractors. They come, they contract, they become part of the furniture. Don’t confuse them with contractors.

Ask not what your professional body can do for you…
As the Professional Contractors Group launches a new contractor survey, it is useful to reflect on the value industry organisations can add.

Taxes are an expense contractors can limit; so who’d be taxed as an employee?
A contractor can quite legally minimise the expense of taxes paid as a reward for the risk taken by being in business and not employed.

The littlest…erm…contractor?
Just like iconic children’s dog-hero the Littlest Hobo, contractors live a nomadic working life fiercely resisting clients’ attempts to adopt them.

‘Wealthy’ contractors stash away contracting money for retirement and savings
Who are you calling rich? Contractors enjoying good money when contracting would be wise to bolster savings and stash their cash for retirement.

Contracting: It’s not all about the money.
When you’re really good at contracting, getting good money is just part of the buzz you get for being at the top of your profession.

You put your contract in, your contract out. In out, in out, what's IR35 all about?
Your accountant says you’re out, but the taxman says you’re in. Your lawyer says you’re not caught, but your contract is. IR35 woes have hit again!

Curriculum vitae upgrade – is it time to dust off your contractor CV?
As the contracting sector does just that, contract, maybe it’s time to dust off that CV and take a long hard look at how you sell yourself.

When is a contractor not a contractor? When they get taxed.
What’s in a name? HMRC labels contractors according to how it wants to tax them, not what they do. No wonder there’s confusion. Let’s name names.

IR35 – is HMRC taking liberties with our rights?
Under IR35 laws, contractors are guilty until they prove themselves innocent and contract law simply doesn’t apply. Fair?

Limited company contractors - effective tax planning around a recession
Maybe now's the time to consider a long vacation whilst you ride out the recession. If so then plan your taxes accordingly.

HMRC have got their facts wrong. Foot. Aim. Fire.
If HMRC bring in legislation to stop umbrella workers claiming for travel, they’ll all create limited companies, costing HMRC a great deal more.

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