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IR35 reforms: HMRC’s tool could mean wholesale stitch up of contractors
Forcing public sector clients to use the taxman’s inadequate IR35 tool risks pushing thousands of legitimate contractors into false employment.

Uber ruling opinion: gig workers need rights, but don't hurt genuinely self-employed
The Uber tribunal could shift public policy benefitting those who work in the gig economy. But hopefully it won't damage the contracting sector.

Contractors need to lobby their MPs to avoid impending IR35 disaster
HMRC aren’t listening to experts and claim they can achieve the impossible with an online IR35 tool. Contractors need to start fighting back now.

IR35 public sector consultation does not mean the end of limited company contracting
HMRC’s IR35 public sector consultation is not the end of limited companies, as the drivers for flexible working and incorporation are still growing.

Contractors can make Brexit work: unleash, don’t shackle the UK’s flexible workforce
Contractors are well positioned to underpin plans to make Brexit work, but only if regulatory attacks stop and there is a plan in place to implement.

HMRC guidance doesn’t always align with tax law
HMRC guidance – and even its legislation – can often prove wrong or misleading, and contractors should be careful not to always take it at face value.

Contractors driving IT innovation deserve more Government backing
IT contractors are boosting the economy by delivering innovation across multiple sectors, and so deserve more Government recognition and support.

HMRC’s tactic of turning advisers into tax spies could backfire
HMRC’s plans to turn tax advisers into tax avoidance spies could reap unwanted results, generating more non-compliance and more work for the taxman.

Cameron and the Conservatives are hardly contractors’ friends
David Cameron and the Tories are hardly contractors’ friends, as shown by the excessive regulation the contingent workforce now has to endure.

Freelance lobby groups should promote different measures to the use of contractors
Freelance lobby groups should encourage policymakers to consider the differing profiles of contractors, to help bring about a change in thinking.

IR35 rule changes mean public sector contractor costs could rise by 23%
IR35 rule changes for the public sector mean Government – not contractors – could be left out of pocket resulting from miscalculations and oversights.

Tax avoidance review: HMRC should focus on the cause, not the symptom
HMRC and the Treasury should focus more on supporting compliant taxpayers with less complicated tax policy, and less on punishing non-compliance.

Self-Employment Review: why defining self-employment plays into the taxman’s hands
Contractors could potentially have to deal with tax hikes if Self-Employment Review recommendations to legally define self-employment are acted upon.

Public sector contractor rises are workforce innovation, not poor workforce planning
Public sector contractor numbers are increasing due to workforce innovation and not from poor workforce planning, as the Government believes.

Contracting and experts – don’t create barriers against the ‘gig economy’, promote it
Contracting is increasingly an active career choice for people who want to be experts at what they enjoy doing. Don’t resist this trend – promote it.

Making Tax Digital – does Government know business tax is not just ‘clicking send’?
Making Tax Digital shows a terrifying lack of knowledge about business taxation – surely someone in Government knows it’s more than ‘clicking send’?

Contractors forced into PAYE after one month would kill the collaborative economy
Contractors and freelancers forced onto their clients’ payrolls after only one month would spell an end to Outsourcing 2.0’s collaborative economy.

Contractors deliver vital skills on a contingent basis; employing them would be daft
Contractors aren’t needed all of the time, and although the ‘one month’ proposal failed to appear in the Autumn Statement, Government needs reminding.

IR35 change is still coming for contractors, despite Autumn Statement silence
IR35 will be reformed and contractors will be affected, despite the Chancellor George Osborne’s silence during his Autumn Statement 2015.

HMRC’s new strategy is a warning for contractors: get your tax affairs in order
HMRC has a new strategy that places high earning contractors right in the centre of its sights – it’s time to make sure your tax affairs are in order.

Contractors must take action over the latest IR35 threat, despite the uncertainty
Contractors shouldn’t ignore media speculation over draconian new IR35 rules; if there is truth behind the stories, there is still time to take action.

More IR35 meddling will put a brake on the UK flexible workforce’s growth
More meddling with IR35 will only damage the UK’s flexible knowledge workforce, reduce international competitiveness and cut – not grow – tax yields.

‘Contractor’ and ‘employee’ are old labels in a world with increasing new ways of work
Contracting has evolved beyond framing debates and legislation around job titles to accommodate the increasingly varied nature of getting things done.

7 deadly truths that should kill off IR35
IR35 should be abolished, and there are seven deadly truths that ought to kill it off. But no-one in Government has the courage to grasp this nettle.

IR35 enforced by clients? We will all just tell HMRC what it won’t want to hear
If engagers become responsible for IR35 compliance, as suggested in HMRC’s IR35 discussion document, we will all tell HMRC what it won’t want to hear.

Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs) sent to contractors not illegal, says High Court
HMRC’s use of Accelerated Payment Notices (APNs) has been approved by the High Court, leaving contractors defenceless against this draconian measure.

Dividend Tax changes: a tax ‘sledgehammer’ like IR35, when simplification is needed
Dividend Tax changes introduced in the Summer Budget are another tax ‘sledgehammer’, just like IR35, used when what is needed is tax simplification.

IR35 discussion document shows HMRC and the Treasury are living in tax fantasy land
HMRC’s Intermediaries Legislation discussion document demonstrates the gulf between IR35 reality and the fantasy tax yield predicted by the Treasury.

An HMRC review to deal with unworkable legislation targeting contractors is overdue
HMRC is well overdue for a review since its formation 10 years ago. Any such review must focus on removing unworkable legislation, not good people.

IR35 has failed for HMRC, but keep that quiet or the taxman might decide to fix it
IR35 is a failed tool for HMRC and clearly not fit for purpose. But don’t tell, otherwise the taxman might come up with a replacement that works.

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