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UK Expat Contracting


Accepting a contract

Expat contractor techniques for negotiating with UK clients and agencies
Expat contactors who understand UK negotiation techniques will be able to secure themselves much more lucrative contract deals.

UK contract law and signing contracts – what the expat contractor needs to know
Expat contractors do not have to become experts in UK law, but a basic understanding is needed, particularly of knowing when to seek help.

Benefits to UK contracting

Benefits to non-UK and non-EU citizens of contracting in the UK
Contractors from outside the UK and EU with the right skills can find contracting in the UK hugely rewarding, financially and in many other ways, too.

Benefits to non-UK and non-EU citizens of living as a contractor in the UK
Contractors from outside the UK and EU will find that, with a generous level of disposable income, the UK can be a great place to live.

Expat contractors can benefit from skills shortages in the UK
Chronic shortages of skilled workers in the key contracting sectors in the UK offer great opportunities for workers from outside the UK and EU.

Contracting markets

IT contracting in the UK
Many workers from outside the UK will have heard of how IT contractors earn good money. But what does a UK IT contractor do?

Engineering contracting in the UK
Many expat engineers from outside the EU will have heard of the good pay and prospects of UK engineering contractors. But what do contractors do?

Finding a contract

Securing a contract from outside the UK
It is possible for expat contractors to overcome the considerable challenges and secure their first UK contract from outside the UK.

Finding and securing a contract when you arrive in the UK
Once an expat contractor is awarded their visa to come to the UK and start contracting, the next stage is to find and secure their first contract.

How to convert your expat résumé into a UK contractor’s high impact, ‘killer’ CV
Unless an expat contractor creates a high impact, killer CV for each contract opportunity they won’t even get past the agent to a client interview.

Expat contractor techniques for interviews with UK clients and recruitment agencies
Expat contractors who are citizens from outside the UK or EU should work on their ‘UK interview techniques’ when competing for UK-based contracts.


Expat contractors find a welcome in the UK
It's not difficult for expat contractors to find work and a home in the UK. A little preparation makes it quite simple.

Money and Taxation

How does taxation work in the UK and why is this important to expat contractors?
Understanding the UK tax system is vital for expat contractors, enabling them to stay within the law and maximise their contracting earnings.

An introduction to IR35 for expat and overseas contractors new to UK contracting
This tax law is probably the biggest regulatory issue facing expats in the UK. Here’s the essential info’ you must have.

How expat contractors can quickly start trading after winning their first contract
Once an expat contractor has won their first contract, work can start very quickly and the contractor needs a trading solution in place straight away.

I’m going to contract in the UK. Can I claim flights, rent & food?
Contractors coming from overseas to work in the UK are subject to the same business expenses rules as UK-based umbrella & limited company contractors.

Australian contractors temporarily coming to the UK to work – tax and expenses issues
Australian contractors coming to the UK to contract may need expert advice to navigate the double-taxation treaty, says Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

‘Inpat’ non-dom contractor guide to expenses tax relief on journeys home
‘Inpat’ limited company contractors working in the UK can claim for the expenses of unlimited journeys home, explains James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

UK contracting

What is contracting in the UK? What do UK and expat contractors do?
Many workers from outside the UK will have heard of how UK contractors enjoy good money and lifestyles. But what does a UK contractor do?

10 top tips for expats going contracting in the UK
Contractors from outside the UK and EU going contracting in the UK can benefit from ten lessons in making sure their contracting career is a success.

Top UK contracting myths –realities revealed for expat and overseas contractors
Highly skilled workers from outside the UK and EU considering a career as a contractor should not be discouraged by false myths about UK contracting.

UK contracting for expat and overseas workers – the complete guide
The UK is a global centre of excellence for highly skilled contractors and benefits hugely from non-UK and non-EU workers who choose to work in it.

Do expat contractors need a contract in place before they move to the UK?
Expat workers planning a contracting career in the UK don’t need a contract in place before they arrive if they qualify for the right visa option.

Visa Issues & Immigration

Do I need a visa to work as a contractor in the UK?
Contractors who are not UK or European Union citizens have to apply for a visa before they can start working on their first UK-based contract.

How the UK visa system works – the Points Based System (PBS) and expat contractors
Non-UK and non-EU citizens wanting to go contracting in the UK need to understand how the points based visa system works to ensure they work legally.

Options for expat contractors now the Tier 1 (General) Migrant visa is closed
Contractors who don’t score enough points to qualify for a Tier 1 visa should not be disheartened – there are other routes to getting a UK visa.

Visas for expat contractors’ spouses, partners and family members
Expat contractors wanting to bring dependants to the UK can do so if they apply for entry clearance and have sufficient funds to support them.

Finding a contractor immigration adviser in the UK
Specialist immigration advisers, lawyers and attorneys can help non-UK and non-EU citizens gain visas to live and work as contractors in the UK.

How do expat contractors’ qualifications translate into UK skills?
For a contractor to score enough points to qualify for a Tier 1 visa they must be able to compare their qualifications with the UK equivalent.