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Loan Charge APPG publish report exposing fundamental flaw in Morse Review
Report exposes how Treasury commissioned Morse Review came to an unjustified conclusion leaving 35,000 000 – 40,000 people facing Loan Charge demands.

BREAKING NEWS: Government confirms independent review of Loan Charge
Government has confirmed that Sir Amyas Morse will lead an independent review into the Loan Charge, concluding by mid-November.

Official review launched into disastrous retrospective Loan Charge
Boris Johnson announced in the House of Commons on Wednesday 4th September 2019 at 12:45pm that there would be a review into the Loan Charge.

Comparing taxes: contractors versus employees
Compared with employees, contractors enjoy only modest tax advantages and generate considerably more tax. Find out how you can help HMRC realise this.

Loan Charge APPG report exposes alarming abuse and malpractice by HMRC
Improper and potentially unlawful conduct from HMRC and the Treasury has been exposed in the APPG’s Inquiry into the Loan Charge.

Loan Charge: Treasury accused of “evading proper scrutiny and accountability”
The Treasury and HMRC have come under fire for a report described as “a cynical and misleading attempt at justification” of the Loan Charge.

HMRC has misled Treasury on Loan Charge, warns leading UK tax barrister
HMRC has misled the Treasury on the facts concerning the Loan Charge, leading tax barrister Keith Gordon has warned the Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

“Treasury propaganda” fails as Government backs down over Loan Charge amendment
Underhanded efforts to prevent a review of the 2019 Loan Charge have failed after Government announced amendment NC26 won’t be opposed.

Lords call for HMRC Powers Review as Loan Charge is slammed
A Lords report has slammed the taxman’s efforts tackling tax avoidance and evasion, recommending an independent body is formed to prevent HMRC abuse.

The April 2019 Loan Charge - Ultimate contractor guide
Find out what the April 2019 is, whether it affects you, and what you should do NOW to mitigate the impact on you.

HMRC abuse of power under the spotlight in Lords Inquiry
A recent Lords Inquiry has yielded damning evidence suggesting that HMRC’s approach to tax collection is an abuse of power.

Supreme Court judgment exposes HMRC's misguided stance on employment status law
HMRC’s stance on MOO has again been disproven in court; this time as the Supreme Court rejects an appeal against the infamous Pimlico Plumbers ruling.

Contractors’ guide to VAT
VAT is a contractor’s best friend if treated right, or worst enemy unless care is taken to keep to the rules. Here’s how to keep the VAT-man happy.

Contractor tax: limited company and personal taxes explained
Depending on how you structure your finances and your status will depend on the type and level of taxes you need to pay.

HMRC Self-Assessment (SA) enquiries - how they work
If you’re subject to a Self-Assessment enquiry, a simple tax return mistake could cost thousands. Here we explain how they work and how to avoid one.

Dewhurst vs City Sprint: Bike courier wins employment status case
A courier has won a major employment status case against a logistics firm in a ruling that could have significant IR35 implications for contractors.

Using the VAT flat rate scheme? You could pay £££ more from April 2017 - find out why
Expert James Abbott explains steps to mitigate impact of changes to the VAT flat rate scheme from April 2017.

Self assessment tax for contractors - 7 things you need to know
A guide to the annual self assessment tax return for contractors.

Marginal tax rates explained - how much tax you pay
You pay very different marginal tax rates depending on your earnings and business/personal circumstances.

Manage your PAYE tax code - and don't overpay your tax
You need to monitor your tax code to ensure adjustments don’t leave you temporarily paying too much tax.

A guide to UK tax codes
What does your tax code mean and how does it effect how much tax you pay?

Moving buy-to-let properties into a company - issues to consider
Contractors might be able to mitigate the impact of buy-to-let tax changes by putting rental income into a company, says James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

Government contractor T&S changes are ill-informed, SNP politician claims
Contractor T&S changes are representative of a Government ignorant to the complexities of the modern labour market, claims Roger Mullin of the SNP.

Contractors filing late tax returns need to act sooner rather than later
Contractors who miss the tax return deadline need to act swiftly to avoid unnecessary additional penalties, warns James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

Proposed money boxing rules could harm contractors
Limited company contractors could be adversely affected by new measures taken by HMRC to tackle money boxing, warns James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

Supervision, direction or control is widely misunderstood, says ContractorCalculator
ContractorCalculator has moved to clarify HMRC rules surrounding SDC, after it emerged that many are still unsure as to how they apply in practice.

SDC guidance updated by HMRC provides greater understanding
Contractors and clients have received support to help determine the existence of supervision, direction or control through new HMRC guidance.

Contractor loans at risk of retrospective tax following Government proposal
Contractors could be hit with retrospective tax charges for loans received in the past, as the Government ramps up its efforts against tax avoidance.

Contracting stakeholders respond to the OTS Small company taxation review
Contracting experts offer opinions on new business model and taxation proposals put forward by the OTS in its ‘Small company taxation review’.

Contractor guide to the digital tax accounts
Contractors will have to endure a period of transition before experiencing the benefits of the digital tax accounts, says Duncan Strike of Intouch.

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