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IR35 Review: Office of Tax Simplification: Page 1

IR35: Budget document reveals IR35 is to be "better administered" - not abolished
IR35 is here to stay for the foreseeable future, as the Budget document reveals that the Government choses the second option to better administer IR35

HMRC admits it “does not hold” the vital data needed to evaluate OTS IR35 reforms
HMRC’s response to a ContractorCalculator Freedom of Information request shows HMRC “does not hold” data that’s vital to evaluate OTS’s IR35 reforms.

Contracting experts mostly reject OTS IR35 suspension option, favouring alternatives
Contracting experts, with the exception of PCG, favour IR35 reform through the OTS options of better HMRC enforcement and a clear in-business test.

IR35 reform not a done deal: OTS wants to hear from contracting sector on 3 options
Contractors are not facing a ‘done deal’ on IR35 - the OTS is calling for more debate on options for reform before sending final report to ministers.

IR35 review: OTS says suspend IR35 or enforce it better, then merge income tax and NI
The OTS recommends suspending or better enforcing IR35 as an interim measure, before merging income tax and NICs, which would make IR35 irrelevant.

OTS tax relief report: little impact on contractors, but deeper tax issues flagged
The final report on tax reliefs by the Office of Tax Simplification will have little impact on contractors, but deeper tax issues are highlighted.

Tax rules are failing contractors, the OTS’s John Whiting tells ContractorCalculator
Tax rules have not kept pace with modern working patterns, says OTS Tax Director John Whiting in this exclusive interview with ContractorCalculator.

IR35 must remain in place until other changes to tax system make it irrelevant
IR35 is here to stay for the medium term, will be policed more effectively by HMRC.

Disguised employment crackdown launched in USA – will OTS or HMRC take tips from IRS?
In a crackdown on disguised employment, the US government has set aside $25m (£16m) to conduct random audits of 6,000 businesses.

IR35 Solutions – Part 5: Conclusion – an interim, post-IR35 contractor tax landscape
ContractorCalculator summarises IR35’s current unworkable status and suggests what form an interim, post-IR35 contractor tax landscape might take.

IR35 Solutions – Part 4: Why IR35 or any changes will never work
ContractorCalculator identifies why replacements for & successors to IR35 won’t work, in this fourth of a series of articles analysing IR35 solutions.

IR35 Solutions – Part 3: Why IR35 and its current enforcement is not working
ContractorCalculator examines why IR35’s intrinsic flaws make it unworkable, in this third of a series of articles analysing possible IR35 solutions.

Contractor tax reliefs under Office of Tax Simplification spotlight
The Office of Tax Simplification has published a list of over 1000 tax reliefs it plans to review, including many used by contractors to reduce tax.

IR35 review making good progress as contracting expert joins ranks of new OTS team
The Office of Tax Simplification has announced good progress on its first two taxation reviews and recruited private sector experts to join its team.

IR35 reforms: what are the options and what might they mean for contractors?
The Office of Tax Simplification must tread a fine line as it considers the options for IR35 reforms, maintaining tax yield yet reducing complexity.

IR35 future: Australia’s legislation to tackle false self-employment
Australia uses legislation designed to identify the personal services income (PSI) of contractor businesses, with higher taxes for those caught.

Amendments to IR35 unlikely until April 2012 says expert
In theory, IR35 could change at the next budget, but in practice Qdos’ Andy Vessey predicts contractors could be waiting some time for amendments.

IR35 successor possibilities: what happens in the United States of America
If a successor adopted a US-style independent contractor test, then any replacement would financially penalise clients for misclassification.

An IR35 replacement will be a challenge
The Office of Tax Simplification’s search to find a successor to IR35 that might please all presents a huge, potentially insurmountable, challenge.

IR35 successor could be GAAR 'super law' on tax avoidance – a benefit to contractors?
Support for the General Anti-Avoidance Rule (GAAR) announced in June’s budget is growing and could change the tax landscape for contractors.

IR35 will remain in force for some time to come, warns OTS tax director John Whiting
A measured review of IR35 means the tax is going nowhere fast, according to the OTS. But, says ContractorCalculator’s CEO, that could be a good thing.

IR35 is to be reviewed, but contractors should remember it is still being enforced
PCG’s Simon McVicker describes IR35 as ‘dead on its perch’, but until the legislation is repealed, contractors must remain on their guard.

Contracting sector could benefit from IR35 review by new Office of Tax Simplification
Contractors could benefit as the Treasury announces the creation of the Office of Tax Simplification, charged with tackling the unfairness of IR35.