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IR35 & Off-Payroll – explained: essential compliance guidance - new book OUT NOW

IR35 & Off-Payroll – explained, a new book providing everything hiring firms, agencies and contractors need to remain compliant when navigating the Off-Payroll legislation and IR35, is out now.

With the Off-Payroll legislation now due to hit the private sector in April 2021, firms should start preparing at least six months in advance, entering September 2020 with a readymade action plan.

The book offers practical guidance on achieving effective and economic compliance. Crucially, IR35 & Off-Payroll – explained informs each party in the supply chain how they can continue to engage in the flexible manner that the UK labour market relies so heavily upon, without exposure to a heavy administrative and cost burden or tax liability risk.

Amazon - Kindle version: £9.99 - BUY HERE.

Amazon - Paperback version: £14.99 - BUY HERE.

Comply with Off-Payroll, or risk becoming collateral damage

“Following the recent Government announcement, all parties now have another year to prepare for the worst possible outcome, which is a private sector extension of the rules,” says Dave Chaplin, author and CEO of ContractorCalculator.

“Though Off-Payroll won’t be at the forefront of anybody’s mind right now, once the coronavirus epidemic is over it’s crucial that contractors, clients and agencies take advantage of this opportunity.

“The damaging impact of blanket approaches to the Off-Payroll legislation affects all parties and is well documented. Failure by hirers and agencies to implement effective and accurate compliance processes, and inactivity by contractors, will prove incredibly costly. This book is intended to help prevent parties from becoming collateral damage.”

Inside IR35 & Off-Payroll - explained

IR35 & Off-Payroll – explained, now available in eBook (Kindle) format on Amazon, includes:

  • Detailed breakdown of new Off-Payroll compliance requirements
  • Comprehensive overview of key employment status factors
  • Step-by-step guide to ensuring IR35 and Off-Payroll don’t apply
  • Tailored guidance for clients, agencies and contractors
  • Overview of, and lessons learned from the public sector reform
  • Analysis of the fiscal impact of an ‘inside IR35’ engagement

“The UK freelance sector is under threat on two fronts, the second of which Government has postponed another 12 months,” says Chaplin. “Once the flexible workforce and its engagers have overcome the hardship imposed by the coronavirus, heads must turn toward overcoming Off-Payroll.

“The public sector provided a case study demonstrating the crippling effects that failure to comply with the Off-Payroll legislation has on all involved. Its response was the result of legislation contrived in such a manner as to encourage non-compliance that forces contingent workers into false-employment.”

Chaplin concludes: “This book has been published to help prevent the private sector from suffering the same fate, and to enable contractors, clients and agencies to continue to enjoy the mutual benefits of flexible working.”

Where to buy?

Amazon - Kindle version: £9.99 - BUY HERE.

Amazon - Paperback version: £14.99 - BUY HERE.

Published: Tuesday, 24 March 2020

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