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IR35 after 15 years: Download our free report and your ultimate IR35 strategy

IR35 is now fifteen years old. We are delighted to publish a new whitepaper: IR35 after 15 years: Insights, analyses and strategies for contractors.

This 34-page seminal report includes the latest information about IR35 and the ultimate strategies contractors can use to avoid the legislation:

  • IR35 has been in force for 15 years and is still a threat to contractor livelihoods
  • If you are caught by the tax, it could cost you up to 25% of net pay
  • Understand what the key events of the last five years mean to you and what actions you need to take
  • Find out how you can use pensions to become tax efficient and to manage IR35 risk
  • Follow the last five year’s progress of IR35 via our detailed timeline
  • Learn the ultimate IR35 strategies to stay below HMRC's radar.

“In fifteen years IR35 has not changed so now more than ever contractors need to be on their guard against increased compliance activity by HMRC,” believes ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin. “We’ve created this white paper so that contractors can learn everything they need to know about IR35 including the ultimate strategies they can use to avoid the legislation.

“After the government dismissed the findings of the House of Lord’s Select Committee on Personal Service Companies (PSCs) inquiry, it became clear that IR35 is going to be us for the long haul. That’s why we have created this ultimate guide and strategy for contractors.”

Chaplin highlights that these five years have seen the Office of Tax Simplification review, the creation of the IR35 Forum, the implementation of the business entity tests (BETs), the public sector witch-hunt and off-payroll rules and the House of Lord’s Select Committee on Personal Service Companies (PSCs).

An expert independent financial adviser (IFA) reminds contractors that pensions are now more than ever a powerful tax management tool for contractors, both those inside and outside of IR35.

“As a contracting sector veteran, I remember all too well when IR35 was first introduced 15 years ago,” notes the IFA expert. “Fast forward fifteen years and we are in a very different world where contracting has become one of the key drivers of our vibrant knowledge based economy.”

Chaplin concludes: “IR35 is likely to be with us until the UK tax system undergoes major reform and the drivers for IR35 – disguised employment and the tax differentials between employment and investment income – are removed.”

Download your free copy of IR35 after 15 years: Insights, analyses and strategies for contractors now.

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Published: 13 November 2014

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