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Hiring Contractors - A Guide


Managing contractors

10 tips for clients hiring contractors
Clients hiring contractors for the first time can help ensure their project’s success by using these ten top tips from recruiter Emma Brierley.

Paying your contractor – timesheets, invoices and payment
Unless clients sign timesheets and process invoices promptly, contractors don’t get paid. This can delay project delivery and lead to legal action.


Hiring contractors – an overview
Contractors can bring huge benefits to a client organisation but they are not employees and need to be managed effectively to get best results.

The benefits of hiring an expert contractor
The benefits a contractor can bring to a client’s organisation are huge and include new skills and flexibility that permanent employees cannot match.

Exposed: the ‘win-win’ that can cost clients less and earn contractors more
The cost to clients of hiring contractors or taking on employees can vary wildly, and can lead to gains for contractors and clients alike.

Renewing & terminating contractors

Renewing a contractors contract
Contractors do not have to renew their contract when it ends, so a client wanting to keep their good contractors should start negotiating early.

Terminating a contractor
All contractor contracts finish eventually, but there may be reasons why a client wishes to end a contract early, before the contracted end-date.

Selection & recruitment

Hiring a contractor – rates you should expect to pay
Rates vary hugely across the contracting sector and can depend on many variables. How can clients judge what rates they should pay contractors?

Using recruitment agencies to hire contractors
Agencies can remove much of the burden of finding and hiring contractors from a client and can also add value, explains Ashley Cooper of Parc Ellis.

Hiring a contractor directly without using an agency
Clients must understand the big differences between hiring contractors and recruiting employees, says Emma Brierley of recruiter Xchangeteam

Reading and evaluating a contractor CVs
Clients used to recruiting permanent employees will find contractor CVs break lots of CV ‘rules’, but that’s because contractors are not employees.

How firms should conduct contractor interviews
Interviewing a contractor is not like an interview to recruit a permanent employee, it is more like receiving a sales pitch from a new supplier.

What a client needs to know about contract law
Contractors are not like employees and don’t have employment contracts. But they do have contracts, so clients need to understand contract law basics.

What a client needs to know about IR35
It is a tax law that does not affect clients directly, but can affect contractors they hire, so an understanding is vital to recruiting contractors.

Negotiations with contractors - guide for firms hiring contractors
Contractor negotiations are usually handled by the agent. But, if a client does deal direct, understanding contractor negotiations is key.