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Help make Off-payroll (IR35) fair - please take this survey NOW!

The House of Lords Finance Bill Sub-Committee has opened an inquiry on the implementation of the off-payroll rules in the private sector, and we wish to provide them with substantial empirical evidence.

Many parties in the supply chain have suffered due to these "reforms", but we need more than just anedotal evidence to try and make change happen. This is why ContractorCalculator is requesting your help to provide evidence by completing a survey.

Our CEO Dave Chaplin has been working behind the scenes speaking to many Government bodies, about the negative impact the reforms have had, and will continue to do so - but evidence is crucial - and we need data - from you.

The questionnaire is for contractors, takes 15 minutes, and seeks to understand what happened both during the transition and what is happening now.

Published: 01 November 2021

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