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Contractor umbrella companies: find true costs with ContractorCalculator’s checklist

With several hundred contractor umbrella companies currently operating in the UK, how can you tell which one offers the combination of benefits, margin and customer service that best suits your needs? And which ones are already operating pension auto-enrolment, or are compliant with the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) and offer a range of AWR solutions?

To help you find answers to these questions, Contractor Calculator offers you this free and detailed checklist: Contractor Umbrella Pricing – Costs and Benefits to Consider. It will help you accurately compare and contrast the margins, benefits and services offered by different contractor umbrella solutions providers.

Some umbrella companies grab your attention with claims of increased take-home pay or inflated expenses allowances, but don’t tell you the whole story. Others turn out not to be umbrella companies offering a professional employment solution, but a tax avoidance solution that sends your hard-earned cash offshore. And some service providers bolster your earnings calculations by including benefits packages you are never likely to use.

That’s why Contractor Calculator has created its free and exclusive Contractor Umbrella Pricing – Costs and Benefits to Consider checklist. It will help you be sure you have asked your potential umbrella employer all the right questions. Use the checklist as a script when you are talking to providers by phone and to jog your memory when researching online.

Contractor Umbrella Checklist Contractor Umbrella Checklist

Updated: Thursday, 4 April 2013

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