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Contractor accountants: count the true cost with the ContractorCalculator checklist

Contractor Calculator offers a detailed checklist so you can find an accountant with the expertise you need, and not pay over the odds.

With so many contractor accountants to choose from, how can you tell which one will fulfil your bookkeeping and accountancy needs the best? And what will you really end up paying? Many accountants hook you in by advertising rates as ‘starting from…’, but don’t tell you about the extras. Others aren’t really contractor specialists, and won’t be able to offer IR35 and contracting expertise.

That’s why Contractor Calculator has created its Contractor Accountant Pricing – Costs to Consider checklist, so you can be sure you have asked your next accountant all the right questions. You can either send the checklist out and ask accountants to fill in the boxes, or use it to jog your memory when talking to a provider or researching online.

To download the checklist choose right click on your mouse and select 'Save Target As...'.

Contractor Accountant Pricing - Checklist Contractor Accountant Pricing - Checklist

Contractor Accountant Checklist Contractor Accountant Checklist

Updated: 26 March 2013

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