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15 tips when renewing your contract
Your current contract is due to finish raising the prospect of a renewal: Do you and the client wish to continue? And if so how can you negotiate effectively to maximise your financial position?

Preparing and negotiating a contract renewal - get that pay rise now!
Factors to consider and strategies for maximising your contract rate when your contract is due for renewal. Learn the easy techniques, and earn more!

Independent contractors – what are they? Employed or self employed?
Independent contractors are workers who are in business on their own account & provide their expert services to clients under a contract for services.

Contractor to consultant: part II – the consulting approach
Do you want to be part of the team, or an agent of change? Read our guide to becoming an independent consultant.

Contractor to consultant: part I – comparing contracting and consulting
Do you want to be part of the team, or an agent of change? Read our three part guide to becoming an independent consultant.

10 Tips for long term successful contracting
There’s more to a successful contract than getting your timesheets signed. 10 Tips for success.

Advice on going back to permanent work from contracting
This guide discusses the factors when deciding whether to go back to permanent employment.

Contractor to consultant: part III – 8 tips to make it happen
Do you want to be part of the team, or an agent of change? Read our guide to becoming an independent consultant.

Recruiting and interviewing new team members - a guide
A simple guide to assist you when your client requests your help to interview new candidates.

Contracting and jury service – the issues explained
A jury summons means that a contractor is legally required to attend court, which can be costly and time consuming, even with jury service insurance.

Timesheets, invoices and payments
When you are contracting you need to complete timesheets and raise invoices. This article explains the process.

Oil and gas contractors should target juniors for contracts, as operators shed staff
Contractors in search of UK contracts should explore potential opportunities with independent and junior firms that remain proactive in the North Sea.

Ensuring you get paid when contracting
Contractors are small businesses so, unlike employees, are not guaranteed payment for their work and must adopt strategies to ensure they are paid.

Contractors underpin innovation, the UK’s main growth driver – Cranfield report
Contractors underpin the UK economy’s main growth factor of innovation, shows a new PCG-commissioned report by Cranfield’s Professor Andrew Burke.

Money management for contractors
Money management is a key skill for successful limited company contractors. The basics are straightforward and easy to pick up.

Keeping your contracting skills updated
Contractors can keep their contracting skills updated by applying new techniques on existing contracts & increasing their value to potential clients.

Contracting issues are a global challenge, shows PCG Round Table Event
International speakers at a PCG Round Table Event reveal that challenges facing UK contractors are shared worldwide, reports ContractorCalculator.

Contractors see public sector contracts vanish as first government cuts are announced
The Treasury’s announcement of projects to be suspended and cancelled has removed many valuable contract opportunities.

When an agent can be a contractor’s guardian angel
Ashley Cooper of agency Parc Ellis tells ContractorCalculator how they’ve been guardian angel to a contractor who faced being unpaid and out of work.

Contractors choose contracting for more than just the tax breaks
After 20 years of intense tax legislation maybe it is time to give contractors a break. Most are not in it for the tax benefits.

The contracting seasons
Like the best farmers, the best contractors know when to sow and when to reap, and when to stay indoors.

Contracting – taking holidays and time off
Aspects to consider regarding holidays and time off when contracting.

Are contractors being exploited by agents
Some contractors think that agents continually exploit them whilst knowing nothing about the industry. We explain why this is not the case.

Keeping your skills updated
To get the top contract rates you need to have the latest skills in demand. This article explains how to stay on top.

The reason agents don’t want to pay contractors market rate
Reasons why your agent would rather lower your rate than increase it.

Measuring your performance
Simple introduction to measuring IT project performance.

PCG approved contract scheme for agencies announced
The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has developed an Approved Contract scheme for recruitment agencies.

Survey says it contract market is improving
The latest findings from the iProfile Skills Survey reveals that IT contract rates have seen an increase of 5% since the start of the year.

Contractors tackle the feast & famine cycle
Contractors and freelancers gather at seminar designed to improve business.

PCG survey highlights upturn in freelance contracting market
The latest and most comprehensive membership survey conducted by the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) confirms the uplift in the contractor market.