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The BIG Umbrella Survey: Please help shape future regulation NOW!

As a contractor or freelancer, you may have worked under an umbrella company at some point. Umbrellas hire contractors as employees and pay them, while also handling taxes, NI, pensions, and other administrative tasks.

Recent government reports have uncovered many problems with umbrella companies, from non-compliance with regulations to workers receiving less pay than expected. The government has pledged to better regulate umbrellas, crack down on non-compliance, and deliver improved worker outcomes.

Dave Chaplin, the CEO of ContractorCalculator has been sharing his insights with the relevant government departments, to help shape upcoming regulations, but the Government requires more feedback from contractors.

About the BIG umbrella survey

To tackle the umbrella issues, the government plans to regulate the umbrella market. But first, they need your help and input via this new survey from ContractorCalculator.

By spending 6 minutes completing the anonymous survey, you can help directly inform Government policy to improve contractor working conditions. But without your input, the government won't fully understand common umbrella problems.

Areas covered include choice, holiday pay, pensions, IR35 issues, conduct regulations, and tax. This survey will provide crucial evidence at a vital time.

Take the BIG Umbrella Survey

Please spend 6 minutes completing The BIG Umbrella Survey today. Have your say on your experiences, both good and bad. Together, contractors can make their voices heard.

Help get umbrella companies regulated properly.

Note: Whilst the official consultation closed on 29th August 2023, ContractorCalculator has arranged with the Government team that they will consider the results of this survey if submitted in September 2023. The results of this survey will be published on ContractorCalculator and shared with Government bodies, Ministers and the national and trade press.

Published: Monday, 11 September 2023

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