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Treasury letters “guilty of spreading IR35 mistruths” to MPs, reveals new whitepaper

ContractorCalculator has published a damning new 41-page whitepaper, exposing the truth behind misleading claims made in Treasury Letters to MPs concerning the Off-Payroll (IR35) rules and their proposed extension into the private sector.

‘Off-Payroll Tax: Treasury Letters Debunked’ is designed to help MPs understand the true impact of the Off-Payroll rules, amid concerns that many politicians are unaware that most of what the Treasury and HMRC have said on the subject is misinformation.

“The Treasury’s efforts to push through this draconian regime are built on a gross misrepresentation of the facts, outright lies, and are guilty of spreading IR35 mistruths to MPs” warns ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin

“From our campaigning, and the efforts of our lobbyists, we have gained the support of many MPs across the country, simply by sharing the genuine facts with them. Our objective is to help the rest of our elected representatives in Parliament understand what’s at stake and so convince MPs to oppose these draconian proposals.”

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23 spurious Treasury claims exposed in new whitepaper

Central to ContractorCalculator’s whitepaper is the rebuttal of 23 specific claims that have become commonplace within the Treasury’s outbound communications about the Off-Payroll rules to MPs.

“Our lobbying campaign has been challenging the Treasury countless times, via constituents, about the Off-Payroll proposals,” notes Chaplin. “Our presentation of the facts have continually been met with the same regurgitated statements designed to support the proposals but which lack any credible evidence.

“While the Treasury is doing its best to ignore the issue as it steamrolls towards a legislative car crash, it has at least given us the opportunity to expose Government for all the mistruths and misinformation it peddles.”

In total, ContractorCalculator identifies 23 spurious claims that have been made by the Treasury, revealing the truth behind each statement and what it would mean for UK Plc should the Off-Payroll become law from April 2020. The whitepaper also incudes:

  • An accurate explanation of IR35 and the Off-Payroll tax
  • 10 of the damaging impacts that will result if the Off-Payroll tax becomes a reality
  • 11 questions for MPs to consider concerning Off-Payroll.

Off-Payroll campaign: how to win your MP’s support

“To prevent the same chaos that the Off-Payroll tax has caused within the public sector, we need as much backing as possible from within Parliament,” Chaplin continues.

“This whitepaper provides MPs with the facts they need to counter the Treasury’s false claims and hopefully help sustain the future of flexible working, one of UK Plc’s leading USPs, in the process. But contractors must continue to do their bit. This is no time to be complacent.”

To support the campaign against the Off-Payroll tax, please subscribe to our mailing list, and help raise awareness by arranging to meet your local MP, armed with a copy of this whitepaper. You can find out other ways in which you can support the campaign by visiting our IR35 campaign page.

Stay up-to-date with the campaign’s progress by following or connecting with our CEO Dave Chaplin on LinkedIn. Dave regularly posts updates about the latest goings on, and is an essential contact to have for keeping abreast of the latest news surrounding the legislation.

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Published: 26 February 2019

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