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This article is part of our sales guide for contractors. In this article we describe the importance of personal presentation.

Dress code

If you think of work colleagues, friends and family, you will probably have an impression as to how each person dresses. Some will be highly fashionable, some not. Some people always look smart and some always look scruffy. There is no doubt that this knowledge of how people dress will also influence the way you think about them as people. Image is all important.

Whether this is fair or not, it is a fact. This is why in business, top performers tend to dress in the same way. They adopt a classical and smart attire which is neither too fashionable nor too unfashionable. The good news is that it is easy to dress this way and inexpensive. It will always give a better impression and you will come across better than your colleague who does not!

First impressions really do make an enormous difference to the way people are perceived. Top performers actually dress in a very similar way – typically for men a dark suit that is not too fashionable, a white shirt with cuff links, a tie without a pattern and black shoes! It is not very difficult or expensive to dress this way, but will certainly have a positive impact if you look the part. The opposite is also true, a poor dress code gives entirely the wrong impression.

Published: 16 February 2007

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