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Online interactive contractor tax calculators now available with latest tax data
ContractorCalculator’s comprehensive range of personal and business online interactive tax calculators have been updated with the latest Budget data.

Contractor calculators: now updated with 2005 budget figures
All calculators updated with 2005 budget figures. Calculate how much the budget affected your income.

Budget calculators ready: calculate how the budget affected you.
Contractors and permanent employees can calculate the effect on their income due to the 2005 budget.

New: section 660 calculator released
Calculate the financial effects on you: Increased tax bill, potential penalties and the rate rise required to counteract the effects.

New calculator: contractor pension calculator
Calculate the benefits of a contractor pension. Up to 48% tax relief!

Calculators updated with budget 2004 figures
Calculators have now been updated to use the tax figures from the 2004 Budget

New site goes live
Whether you are currently contracting, thinking of going contracting, or are considering going back to permanent work, ContractorCalculator has a calculator that can help you make that decision.

Target income calculator for contractors
Calculate the rate you require to earn your desired net income each month.

Target income calculator for permanent employees
Work out the salary required to earn you desired income from permanent employment.

Target income calculator now live!
How much would you like in your pocket each month after the chancellor has taken his piece?