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Limited Company Calculator - Results

Detailed Results

Annual Revenue: £1
Dividends and Income: You can declare maximum net dividends of £-2999 per year (£-250 per month) [i.e. all the profits.].

To calculate additional personal taxation on any dividends use the Dividend Tax Calculator.

To calculate taxes and net income on salaries use the Permanent Salary Calculator.
Expenditure: Salaries £0  
  Employers NI £0 (Total for all employees)
  Schedule E Expenses £3,000  
  Pension contributions £0  
  Total expenditure £3,000  
Profit before taxes:   £-2999 (Profit margin % = -299900%)
Corporation tax:   £0 (Corp' tax % of revenue = 0%)
Net Profits after taxes: Net profit per year £-2999  
  Net profit per month £-250 (Profit % of revenue = -299900%)

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