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Free IR35 Contractor Test: Check your status in minutes

Invest 15 minutes now and you could save tens of thousands of pounds in the future

Why IR35 matters

IR35 is the complex set of rules that HMRC uses to work out whether you really are an independent contractor or actually an employee of your client.

If you are caught by IR35, you could pay thousands of pounds more in tax, interest and penalties. And also be subject to a time-consuming HMRC investigation.

IR35 is a real issue for contractors. HMRC enforces it rigorously and it can make a significant difference to your earnings. That’s why it pays to know your IR35 status.

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Why take this test?

This free online IR35 test gives you a quick and easy way to confirm your IR35 status.

The test was developed by leading experts in taxation and contracting who understand IR35 through and through.

It’s the most powerful and comprehensive online test available, covering every area of potential risk – and it’s completely free.

Used by over 90,000 contractors to test their status.

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What you’ll learn

As well as confirming your IR35 status, the test will highlight positive and negative factors about your situation, and your overall level of risk.

You can use that information to change your working methods and the way your contracts are drafted to avoid problems in the future.

You’ll also get a picture of the factors a tax inspector would look at if you were investigated.

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