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IR35 Forum: Page 1

HMRC’s new IR35-related business entity tests, scenarios & guidance finally launched
HMRC has announced its new IR35 regime which includes the business entity tests, six IR35 risk scenarios and guidance for contractors.

HMRC’s business entity tests for contractors may already be unravelling
Concerns are being raised about the scoring and weighting of HMRC’s new business entity tests, which could class most contractors as ‘at risk’.

IR35 Forum reveals HMRC to publish IR35 Business Test in April 2012
Contractors learn from the latest IR35 Forum that HMRC intends to publish online its new IR35 Business Test and IR35 risk scenarios in April 2012.

IR35 Forum: partial breakthrough over risk rules but in-business tests may be looming
The IR35 Forum makes two significant breakthroughs: HMRC will no longer consider contracts in isolation and will publish its general risk indicators.

IR35 Forum: HMRC outlines four areas that could offer real IR35 process improvements
Contractors may see real progress at last from the IR35 Forum, as HMRC outlines four key areas for IR35 improvements.

ContractorCalculator Whitepaper: IR35 - Better administration or enforcement?
The “better administration” of IR35 promised to contractors by Chancellor George Osborne can in practice only mean "better enforcement".

IR35 Forum: HMRC admits using “less refined” IR35 targeting criteria in the past
HMRC admits to the IR35 Forum that when targeting contractors for IR35 investigations it has “adopted less refined selection criteria than used now.”

IR35 Forum – Part 3: Better administration of IR35 – so what does that actually mean?
In this third of a series of articles analysing options open to the IR35 Forum, ContractorCalculator examines what better administration looks like.

IR35 Forum – Part 5: How to measure whether IR35 really is being better administered
If HMRC and the Treasury are serious about improving IR35’s administration, they need transparent processes to benchmark and measure performance.

IR35 Forum – Part 4: ‘In-business’ tests are great idea in theory, not in practice
Contractors in all their variety simply can’t be reduced to tick boxes. In-business tests are great in theory, but will fail contractors in practice.

IR35 Forum – Part 2: Targeting strategies to segment contractors into IR35 risk bands
In this second of a series of articles analysing options open to the IR35 Forum, ContractorCalculator looks at HMRC’s contractor targeting strategies.

Contractors face ongoing uncertainty as HMRC proposes broad risk bands to IR35 Forum
Contractors face ongoing uncertainty as the minutes of the first IR35 Forum reveal that HMRC is proposing to segment them in broad bands of IR35 risk.

IR35 Forum – Part 1: Analysing the objectives for IR35’s better administration
In the first of a series of articles analysing options open to the IR35 Forum, ContractorCalculator looks at why IR35 deserves better administration.

IR35 Forum: Expect "real improvements" for contractors, says recruiter body APSCo
Contractors can expect the IR35 Forum to deliver real improvements, according to Ann Swain of APSCo, the recruiter body that is now part of the forum.