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Editorial Guidelines

We publish only the highest quality news and feature articles of direct relevance to our contractor and freelancer readership. This ensures that we maintain our position as the UK’s leading contractor and freelancer website with over 200,000 monthly unique visitors.

All of our editorial content is original material generated by our own freelance team of highly professional and experienced business and financial journalists. There are also opportunities for external contribution, which include:

  • Expert Contributors – individual experts seeking to increase personal and/or corporate branding within our advertisers’ organisations who are invited to contribute their expertise to create high quality content and benefit from publicity on our website
  • Market Commentators – advertisers guaranteed an editorial slot (conforming to our editorial guidelines) of up to 750 words each month who wish to leverage our editorial expertise to have greater influence over the messages communicated about the topics of choice and benefit from additional publicity on our website.

Please contact us to request a brochure about becoming an Expert Contributor or Market Commentator.

We are also keen to hear from potential contributors, including individuals, businesses and representing organisations that are prepared to work with our journalists and provide us, subject to our editorial guidelines, with content in the following areas:

  • Industry news relevant to contractors and freelancers
  • Regulatory changes impacting on contractors and freelancers
  • Market intelligence and data about the contracting market place
  • Real-life stories from contractors, freelancers and, where relevant, service providers.

We always credit the source of editorial contributions, news stories and contributions with a citation in the article and a link to the contributor’s relevant website of choice.

For further details about our editorial guidelines, or to make a contribution, please email

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