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For contractors, a specialised news channel

The leading website for contractors - ContractorCalculator - has today announced the launch of its News Channel, the first such channel to be made available on sites dedicated to the contracting industry.

ContractorCalculator News Channel Covers All Sectors

The ContractorCalculator News Channel covers all the sectors in which contracting is important like IT, engineering, construction, medicine, media, and teaching. By answering a few questions when you sign up, you will be targeted to receive only the news that is relevant to your work and market.

The new channel incorporates the daily Specialised Contractor News Updates online (supported with RSS feeds), and a monthly Specialised NewsCast which will deliver the key contracting stories of the previous month directly to a contractor’s inbox.

Covering a Neglected Market

The market for professional contractors is often ignored by the mainstream news channels. Yet this market of 250,000 top-level UK workers is the most dynamic and rapidly-growing part of the work force in this country today.

A monthly Specialised NewsCast will deliver the key contracting stories of the previous month directly to your inbox.


The new ContractorCalculator News Channel will bring professionally researched and written news content to this market.

Dave Chaplin, founder of and says ''For too long now contractors have been frustrated by the quality of the specialised news that is available to them. Yet our research shows that the demand for news from the sector is increasing just as rapidly as the number of contractors themselves. We really wanted to change this and breathe a new life into the contractor news proposition."

Contractors need to know about the most important legal changes that affect their working lives—and there are many of these recently. But apart from needing to keep up, contractors need to know how the workplace is evolving, what new options are available to them, and how to choose amongst these business and operational options.

Contractors need to know how the workplace is evolving and what new options are available to them and how to choose amongst these business and operational options

Dave Chaplin-ContractorCalculator

NewsCast Gives Best of Previous Month

''Our research has also shown that contractors are often too busy to check online or check their RSS feeds regularly for news developments. Our solution to this has been to develop a free monthly contractor NewsCast, which will summarize all the important stories of the previous month, and deliver them directly to a subscribers’ inbox in an easy-to-read format once a month, thus giving Contractors the opportunity to stay up to date on their own terms,'' Chaplin points out.

Team of Professional Journalists

Thanks to the team of professional journalists who support the ContractorCalculator News Channel, the content is relevant and engaging. Says Dave Chaplin: ''We’ve had very encouraging feedback from our readers in early testing, and we think the News Channel has just the right focus.''

The NewsCast also boasts features written by industry experts (from the likes of JSA, Charterhouse Group, Parasol IT, Lawspeed), as well as a regular market report contributed to by the recruitment website JobServe. Says Ian Frost, head of marketing at Jobserve: ''The ContractorCalculator NewsCast is one of the most important in the industry, and we are very pleased to take part in it''

You can find out more about these new news developments by visiting, where you will be able to preview the first NewsCast and subscribe to future editions.

Published: 06 March 2007

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