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New Contractors’ Handbook “takes contracting support to the next level”

“Contracting continues to outperform other sectors of the UK labour market, with huge numbers of highly skilled knowledge workers choosing to leave employment to become contractors and freelancers,” says CEO and former IT contractor Dave Chaplin. He is also the author of The Contractors’ Handbook: the expert guide for UK contractors and freelancers second edition.

The contracting landscape has changed dramatically since the first edition was published in 2008, and the new book is right up to date. Building on the tried and tested solutions provided in the first edition, the extensive guidance on managing IR35 risk has been expanded to include HMRC’s new business entity tests and IR35 guidance, which only came into force in May 2012. “I’ve included every winning strategy I developed during my successful career as a contractor,” explains Chaplin, “plus added a wealth of unique reference material and FAQs developed over more than ten years by the expert team at”

Chaplin continues: “The second edition has been extensively updated throughout, with new and expanded chapters to ensure first-time contractors get off to the best possible start. Seasoned contractors will benefit from the latest tax, expenses and company law updates, as well as a new chapter on the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR). There’s also easy to follow advice on how contractors can win the best and most lucrative contracts using advanced marketing, sales and negotiating techniques.

“To ensure contractors can overcome the everyday challenges of a successful contracting career, new solutions have been added to the chapter about what to do when things go wrong,” says Chaplin. “And there is new guidance for contractors from abroad who want to contract in the UK.” He concludes: “Tens of thousands of contractors used the first edition to successfully bridge the gap between employment and contracting, while veterans used it to hone the skills required to win the best and highest-paid contracts. The second edition takes contracting support to the next level.”

To review or purchase a copy please visit the dedicated site: Contractors' Handbook

Published: 11 June 2012

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