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Contractors’ Handbook Edition 3: invaluable guide for new and experienced contractors

The definitive guide to contracting in the UK has returned with the release of the third edition of the Contractors’ Handbook. Building on the practical, expert guidance that tens of thousands of contractors have used to enhance their careers, the latest edition is the most comprehensive guide to contracting yet.

The Contractors’ Handbook Third Edition, now available in print and eBook (Kindle) on Amazon, includes:

  • 25% extra material
  • 800+ pages of expert contracting knowledge
  • Comprehensive guidance on IR35, including the public sector reforms
  • Brand new chapters explaining important legislation and tax avoidance risks
  • Refreshed and revamped content throughout

Everything a modern-day contractor needs, in one place

“The contracting landscape has changed hugely since the second edition was published in 2012, and this latest release provides everything a modern-day contractor needs to succeed,” says Dave Chaplin, ContractorCalculator CEO and author of the Contractors’ Handbook.

“Despite the implementation of draconian measures such as the public sector IR35 reforms, and other damaging tax changes, the sector is still thriving. Now around 2 million people in the UK ply their trade as contractors or freelancers.

“The Contractors’ Handbook Third Edition is the perfect guide for both new and experienced contractors, helping them avoid the pitfalls and make the most of the benefits that flexible working provides.”

What’s new in the Contractors’ Handbook Third Edition?

With the book now in its ninth year of publication, the latest third edition helps independent professionals successfully navigate the changes to IR35 and other potentially hazardous legislation. With government stepping up its campaign against tax avoidance, it also explains the risks and how to navigate a path between avoidance and legitimate tax planning strategies.

Contractors facing unfamiliar challenges can consult the ‘what to do when things go wrong’ chapter, which has been updated with multiple fresh challenges and expert advice on how real contractors faced and overcame them.

Practical guidance on everything from marketing and sales to securing work abroad has also been updated to reflect social and political changes. This is all in addition to structured guidance covering everything from winning the first contract to running one’s own contractor limited company.

“The third edition amasses the experience gained during my successful contracting career and other contractors over several decades, as well as the knowledge of dozens of expert contributors from service providers across a range of disciplines,” notes Chaplin.

The Contractors’ Handbook Third Edition ISBN 978-1-5272-1603-7 is available for £49.99. Visit Amazon to get your copy now.

Published: 16 November 2017

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