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ContractorCalculator achieves fourth ABCe audit of over 100,000 visitors per month.

ContractorCalculator now has four independent verifications that it has achieved more than 100,000 unique visitors per month over a two year period. And its latest investment in another audit by independent industry body ABCe – which confirmed that ContractorCalculator received 107,479 unique visitors in September 2009 – shows that the new-look site is still a hit with contractors. (see ABCe certificate)

The brand new design launched on 1st September 2009 and is the culmination of many months of planning and testing. “We’ve invested months into usability testing and market research to find out what website features contractors and freelancers want,” explains ContractorCalculator CEO and Editor in Chief Dave Chaplin. “So we’re delighted to have the online advertising industry’s independent auditor ABCe help confirm we’re on the right track, by verifying that 107,479 people visited the site in September.

Chaplin took the plunge and started investing in ABCe audits two years ago in response to contracting sector advertisers’ calls for transparency and fairness in website visitor statistics reporting. “With an estimated 1.4m contractors and freelancers in the UK, clearly the contractor service sector is big business,” continues Chaplin. “Service providers wanting to advertise to those contractors deserve honest reassurance that they are getting exactly what they are paying for. ABCe is the only independent industry body that can do this – it’s the ‘gold standard’ and the one the Advertising Standards Authority turns to for unbiased, independent visitor numbers.”

According to Chaplin, the new design is to accommodate the rapid growth of ContractorCalculator, which now includes new online financial calculators, a significant number of additional contracting guides and new departments like blogs and special reports. “As ContractorCalculator grows, so does the need for us to keep the site’s interface simple and easy for contractors to navigate and use,” says Chaplin, “and as the needs and preferences of our readers evolve, so must we.”

The run-up to the new site design also included cutting edge and in-depth research into web advertising best practice. In addition to improved functionality for users, the new-look has many more exciting options for advertisers, but for now Chaplin is remaining tight lipped about the detail. is still the only leading UK contractor and freelancer website to independently audit site visitor statistics.

Dave Chaplin, CEO - ContractorCalculator

“ is still the only leading UK contractor and freelancer website to independently audit site visitor statistics and therefore the only advertising solution that contractor services firms looking for fairness and transparency can choose,” says Chaplin. And what about these exciting new advertising products? “Watch this space in the New Year,” he says!


Who We Are

ContractorCalculator is a leading independent website for the UK contracting industry – most of whom are highly skilled knowledge workers in information technology, telecoms, engineering, electronics, and construction.

There are 1.4 million such workers in the UK today who prefer to run their own businesses and work under contract rather than become employees of specific companies. Their contribution to the economy is crucial to keeping UK businesses competitive.

ContractorCalculator is independently audited by ABCe. Its last audit, in September 2009, showed the site was visited by 107,479 unique users/browsers in that month.

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