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Contractor Sales: Page 1

Sales closing: the theory and practices
Learning the basic sales closes will help you in your contract search process.

Negotiation for contractors
Learning how to negotiate well will ensure you secure interviews and contracts at the top rates.

Understanding recruitment agencies and consultants
Understanding how agencies work will help you to find contracts more effectively.

Successful contracting – the importance of a professional sales approach
Advice and guidance on using a professional sales approach during your contracting career.

Use trial closes at interviews to help secure the contract
Contractors can use trial closing sales techniques to help identify where they are in the sales process and when they should ask for the contract.

Avoiding rate cuts by clients: anti-rate reduction letter template for contractors
Contractors facing rate reductions imposed by clients don’t have to accept them. A carefully worded, reasoned response can often cancel the rate cut.

How contractors can avoid having their rates cut by clients
Contractors have a number of options to avoid having their rates cut by clients determined to cut costs. They could even negotiate a rate increase!

Contractors who understand "contract rate poker" can improve renewal negotiation
When it’s time to renew your contract, understanding your agency process and pressure points can strengthen your contracting negotiation position.

Contract renewals: when the agent calls
To get a rate rise at renewal time strengthening your bargaining position is key. Here we provide some example contractor/agent telephone conversations that do just that.

What sales people don't want you to know
Avoid being led into a sale by highly skilled sales techniques.

Open ended questions
Asking the right questions will help you gather the right facts to tailor your sales approach.

Body language and image
Everyone is judged by the image they project. Get yours right.

Features and benefits
Knowing the difference and ensuring you use them effectively will help you secure a contract.

Objections and objection handling
Contractors need to learn how to handle objections raised by both their agents and clients.

The sales process
Understanding the contractor sales process is key to successfully finding a contract.

In your career you will need to present. Learn how to do it well.

Good presentation will ensure you always make a great impression.

Sales strategies
It is useful to aware of some sales strategies both for use and avoidance!

What is sales?
An explanation of the sales profession for contractors.

Sales for contractors
A guide to learning sales techniques for contractors in the UK contracting industry.