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Contracting offers challenges that employment can’t, highlights senior HR interim
Contracting can offer professional challenges and opportunities that employment can’t, believes interim human resources and change expert Abi Brewin.

Successful contracting requires mindset change, believes business analyst contractor
Successful contractors must develop a contracting mindset that is distinct from that of a permie, says financial IT business analyst Eleanor Miller.

IT contractor beats dyslexia to achieve career dream, with NHS and recruiter help
IT contractor James Middlehurst overcame dyslexia to achieve his dream IT career through sheer determination, and some help from the NHS and max20.

Career change contractor shows how to transition between the clinical and IT worlds
IT contractor Sam Bailey, who started out as a psychiatric nurse, highlights the practicalities of transitioning between the private sector and NHS.

Career technical writing contractor chooses niche strategy to stay in contract
Contractor Michael Clark has found that his focused CV and a strategy to specialise in disaster recovery and data centres has kept the work flowing.

Contractor Interview: Networking, hot skills & a strong CV keep contracts coming
Financial IT veteran Peter Pilgrim minimises time spent ‘on the bench’ through networking hard, keeping his skills current and having a ‘killer CV’.

Entrepreneur Damian Igbe turns to IT contracting to build business start-up war chest
Contracting is a fundraising stepping stone for IT contractor Damian Igbe on his journey to secure growth for his IT services business Ominii Systems.

Tech’ skills alone are no longer enough for clients, says IT contractor Houldcroft
Clients are increasingly demanding much more than just technical skills from their IT contractors, according to contractor Darren Houldcroft

Project management contractor does it ‘by the book’, literally, to win first contract
Project management contractor Ken Burrell won his first contract, and just secured his first renewal, by acquiring & applying new contracting skills.

IT contractor turns ‘contractrepreneur’, building businesses from contracting profits
When Mark Sweeny went contracting after a long and highly successful employment career, little did he know that he’d become a serial entrepreneur.

‘Accidental’ IT contractor ends up on Honours List for services to government clients
Gerardo Del Guercio, awarded an MBE for his pioneering work at the UK Border Agency, tells ContractorCalculator how he started his contracting career.

Veteran IT contractor reveals how to build a successful IT contracting career
After 17 years in software development, 12 as an IT contractor, Jason Gorman explains the strategies he has adopted to become a successful contractor.

IT contractor loves travelling, which the contracting lifestyle provides him
Tim Jones has some tips for contractors who want to use their money to travel, but still walk into a contract when they return.

Interview: Getting the right support can help make your contracting career a success
After nearly 30 years of working in IT, half of those contracting, Peter Meace maintains that with the right support in place you can’t go far wrong.

INTERVIEW: Don’t let a bad apple ruin your contracting barrel says veteran contractor
Contractors must take the rough with the smooth and shouldn’t let a bad experience put them off, says contracting stalwart Jane Smith.

INTERVIEW: Take a few tips from the contractor who overnight went from £35k to £85k
Tired of languishing in IT sales, veteran contractor Paul Drew reinvented himself as a project manager and saw his income jump overnight by £50k.

Contractor interview: sue builds a better life contracting
Having left a permanent job to take up contracting, Sue has built a better business and has a more rewarding lifestyle.

Contractor interview: paul ross enjoys the good life contracting
An extraordinarily successful contractor who only works at the top of the fee scale, and who almost never uses an agent, tells how to do it.

Contractor interview: steve sammut grows a business despite everything
Contractor Steve Sammut started off 15 years ago with nothing but an idea. Now he runs a business that employs 50 people. And he's done it despite the shocks of adverse fortune.

Contractor interview: getting off to a good start
Samuel Muwonge started contracting when just out of the university when he saw that it offered more opportunities than permanent employment. And it fit his lifestyle. Now after about a year, he's doing very well, thanks.

Contractor interview: enjoying business and lifestyle change
Contractor Craig Rider has successfully made the transition from single client agency work to multiple client small business. Yes, Craig is making a bit more money now, but the real advantage is a flexible lifestyle.