IR35 and Off-Payroll Explained

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Contracting In The UK


If you are thinking of contracting in the UK then you have come to the right place!

We explain each step you need to consider together with links to a wealth of articles and resources covering everything you need to know about UK contracting.

After reading our detailed guides you should be fully equipped with everything you need to start contracting in the UK.


This guide consists of the following steps:

  1. Is contracting for you?
  2. How much can you earn contracting?
  3. Preparing to finding a Contract
  4. Finding and applying for contract positions
  5. Passing contract interviews
  6. Contract Negotiation - IR35 Issues
  7. Contract Negotiation – Rate
  8. Finances and Getting Paid – Limited Company or Umbrella
  9. Timesheets, Invoices and Payments
  10. Expenses
  11. Contract Renewals and Holidays
  12. Insurances and Income Protection
  13. Personal Finances: Mortgages & Pensions
  14. Memberships: Professional Contractors Group

Step 1 : Is contracting for you?Is contracting for you?

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