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Contractor doctor: do I need to be an expert to go contracting?

Dear Contractor Doctor,

I’m bored with permanent employment and can tick every box in your article regarding the reasons permanent employees go contracting.

I’d love to go contracting for the lifestyle and more money, but am concerned that I’m not good enough to be considered an expert in my field.

Can I still go contracting even though I’m not a guru?


[Name supplied]

Contractor Doctor says:

Thanks for your question.

Not being good enough is probably the number one concern permanent employees have about going contracting.

However, it is one of the common myths about contracting that all contractors are experts. Anyone can go contracting, and contractors skills range from little experience to industry experts.

There are many reasons why firms hire contractors. The demand for contractors is driven commercially by the need for a flexible workforce, not by the need for experts and gurus.


Contractor Doctor

Published: 08 June 2007

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