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Independent verification of website visitor numbers by ABC

Uniquely for a contractor and freelancer website, at ContractorCalculator we have invested in regular independent audits of our site visitor numbers for ABC certification. Standing for ‘Audit Bureau of Circulation’ – this is the online marketing industry’s ‘gold standard’ for measuring site statistics.

You can view our ABC certificates by clicking on the links in the following table:

Month Unique visitors Certificate
March 2008 104,584 View ABC certificate
March 2009 113,827 View ABC certificate
March 2010 126,578 View ABC certificate
March 2011 130,682 View ABC certificate
March 2012 156,346 View ABC certificate
March 2013 145,141 View ABC certificate
March 2014 131,456 View ABC certificate
March 2015 135,209 View ABC certificate
March 2016 134,482 View ABC certificate

To find out more about our ABC audits and for full details of our comprehensive range of online marketing solutions, then please request a media pack.

Note: We no longer use the ABC auditing service. For updated traffic reports, please visit our latest traffic reports.

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