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Free legal, financial, tax and administrative templates for contractors


As a contractor it can be difficult to find high quality, inexpensive document templates when starting out. To help you avoid paying a solicitor to create these documents or subscribing to an expensive legal document service we’ve created some free templates for you to use. These will be useful when dealing with some of the legal, financial, tax and administrative situations most contractors find themselves in.

To download a document right-click on your mouse and select 'Save Target As...'.

Download Free CV Templates

If you want to be successful finding work as a contractor it’s important that you submit a CV in the correct format. Agencies and clients will be looking for certain things when they receive a CV and it’s important you communicate all your skills properly so you can attract their attention.

Download Free Contractor Timesheets

Contractors need to accurately record the number of hours they work to ensure they are paid correctly and to avoid any discrepencies with tax. These contractor timesheets are designed for different contractor working arrangements.

Download Free Invoice Templates

It is important that contracts supply correctly formatted invoices to ensure they get paid correctly and that there are no tax discrepencies.

Dividend Paperwork

Most contractors that fall outside of IR35 work through a limited company and pay themselves a low salary and the rest of their earnings via a dividend to lower their tax and maximise their earnings.

Before doing this there are several steps a contractor must take to ensure they don’t fall foul of any of the dividend payment rules set out by HRMC. This checklist will help you through that process.

Occasionally a contractor might be forced to take legal action to resolve a situation with a client. While this should be a last resort and should only take place after proper legal advice has been sought, the first step is sending a ‘Letter Before Action’ to the client. This should be set out in a specific way to avoid legal problems down the road. This template will help you.

Checklist - Accountants

Selecting a specialist accountant is an important step for a new contractor. A good accountant will help you minimise your tax bill and avoid being caught inside IR35.

Before you choose an accountant there are several important things you should check and consider. This checklist will take you through these steps.

Checklist - Umbrella companies

As a contractor, if you choose to work with an umbrella company to handle you tax then there are things you should consider. Which umbrella company is right for you will depend on your personal circumstances as a contractor. This checklist will run through the issues with you.