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^ TopPension Tax Advantages

Reducing the IR35 pain with a contractor pension
Reduce the pain of it by diverting your taxes into a pension and achieve up to 48% tax relief.

Inside IR35? Get huge tax savings with a pension
If you are caught by it and currently do not have a pension, then you are missing out on huge tax savings.

Outside IR35 and no pension? Get tax savings with a pension
If you are contracting outside and don’t have a pension, you are missing out on significant tax savings.

^ TopCompany Pensions

Can company money be used to offset a mortgage?
Discusses the issues surrounding the concept of using company money to offset your mortgage.

Considering property investments via your contracting limited company
Considering using company profit to invest in property? This article explains reasons why that is not a good idea.

^ TopProperty/Mortgages

Contractor Mortgages
Calculate what you can afford. Free on line quotations.

^ TopPension Calculators

Contractor Pension Calculator
Calculate what your tax savings would be and the maximum you can contribute.