Our mortgage guides for contractors

We can help you secure the same competitive interest rates as permanent employees using our specialist brokers to access lenders who understand professional contracting.

The application process is more complex than for employees due to differences in how you earn your money.

Whether you are looking to refinance / remortgage or invest in a buy-to-let property, or access to Help to Buy scheme, we can help you.

These guides will tell you everything you need to know about securing finance as a contracting professional.

Our top guides

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

Based on your contract rate alone, calculate how much money you can borrow.

Application process and timings

Application process and timings

What you need to be doing and when to secure the refinacing or before looking at properties.

Help to buy

Help to buy

You may qualify for government loans to top up a new property deposit under the Help to Buy scheme.

^ TopMortgage Questions

Should I keep cash in my company or pay off my mortgage?
Contractors should consider their options before deciding to pay-off debts or delay dividends as it may save tax, says Abbott Moore’s James Abbott.

Can I use my limited company money to offset my mortgage?
Contractors may face a hefty tax bill, and even prosecution, by using company money to offset personal mortgages, warns James Abbott of Abbott Moore.

Had trouble as a contractor getting a mortgage?
Contractors having trouble getting a mortgage may be able to secure funding by applying via a contractor specialist.

Renting compared to having a mortgage
Contractors will generally find that buying a house with a mortgage makes more financial sense than renting a property.

Buying a newly built home as a contractor
Contractors will find that mortgage applications for newly built homes are different as lenders requirements are more demanding.

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