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Demand sustained for contractors in IT and engineering as contract market falters
Contractor demand in the core contracting disciplines of IT and engineering is sustained despite softening conditions in the wider contract market.

The tax avoidance arms race is MAD: mitigation, avoidance and disclosure
The tax mitigation arms race between HMRC and tax advisors leads to a never-ending cycle of mitigation, avoidance and disclosure, says David Colom.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 5/May/2012
News this week includes contractor demand still growing; limited company public sector contractors threatened; recruiter fined; and tax take growth.

ContractorCalculator Market Report May 2012
Contractors across all disciplines appear to have encouraging prospects, but UK economic performance and the eurozone crisis remain a concern.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief 27/April/2012
News this week includes HMRC’s IR35 business entity test; umbrella contractor earnings; conflicting economic data; HMRC ADR trial; & marketing uplift.

Contractors underpin NHS IT delivery, reveals recruiter Don Tomlinson
Limited company contractors deliver IT services essential to keeping vital NHS systems running, explains recruiter Don Tomlinson of agency max20.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 20/April/2012
News this week includes 20% readership growth for ContractorCalculator; still no HMRC contractor business tests; and interims flourishing abroad.

ContractorCalculator sees 20% rise to 156,346 unique visitors, shows latest ABC audit
ContractorCalculator’s ninth ABC audit shows that readership increased by 20% over the last 12 months to 156,346 unique users viewing 552,640 pages.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 13/April/2012
News this week includes Chancellor’s tax avoidance ‘shock’; AWR impacts client hiring; real-time payroll pilot starts; and government IT numbers fall.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 5/April/2012
News this week includes: trouble ahead for new contractor business tests; positive signs for contracts from corporates; and tax simplification doubts.

HMRC’s business entity tests for contractors may already be unravelling
Concerns are being raised about the scoring and weighting of HMRC’s new business entity tests, which could class most contractors as ‘at risk’.

Financial services sees rising growth, optimism and jobs – new contracts could follow
Contractors can look forward to improving contract opportunities in financial services firms, with rates also likely to increase for some skills.

ContractorCalculator Market Report April 2012
Contractors in the core contracting disciplines of engineering, IT & interim management continue to experience sustained demand and positive outlooks.

Breaking news: 10,000 HMRC inspectors being hired to target ‘disguised businesses’
Exclusive: Buried in the post-Budget Finance Act are plans for 10,000 extra HMRC inspectors to enforce new rules targeting ‘disguised businesses’.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 30/Mar/2012
News this week includes new IR35 HMRC business test; energy sector skills shortage; GAAR takes shape; ongoing AWR impact; late payment; & HMRC update.

IR35 Forum reveals HMRC to publish IR35 Business Test in April 2012
Contractors learn from the latest IR35 Forum that HMRC intends to publish online its new IR35 Business Test and IR35 risk scenarios in April 2012.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 23/Mar/2012
News this week is led by the 2012 Budget with its ominous IR35 & anti-avoidance message; Scotland’s market on a high; PCG survey; & HMRC P35 move.

Budget 2012: PSC anti-avoidance measures unlikely to apply to most contractors
The Chancellor’s unexpected personal service company anti-avoidance measures announced in the Budget 2012 shouldn’t affect most contractors.

Budget 2012: IR35 reinforcement clouds otherwise positive Budget for contractors
Contractors are facing a reinforced IR35 in 2012, and the Government has promised to introduce new anti-avoidance measures for PSCs in 2013.

IR35 to be reinforced with PSC anti-avoidance measures from 2013
Contractors face new personal service company anti-avoidance measures in the 2013 Finance Bill according to the 2012 Budget.

Budget 2012 and contractors: what’s known on IR35 and other tax changes
Budget 2012 pre-announcements mean contractors already know many of the Chancellor’s plans – here is a round-up of what could be expected from 12:30.

AWR makes it easier for contractors to work direct for clients, cutting out agencies
Elevate’s Dan Collier shows how contractor hiring and resourcing models have evolved to benefit contractors since the Agency Workers Regs came in.

Tech’ skills alone are no longer enough for clients, says IT contractor Houldcroft
Clients are increasingly demanding much more than just technical skills from their IT contractors, according to contractor Darren Houldcroft

IR35 risk profiles likely to be the future of HMRC compliance campaign
IR35 risk profiles are likely to be the drivers of HMRC’s IR35 compliance campaign, once the full results of the IR35 Forum’s work are revealed.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 16/Mar/2012
News this week includes contractor witch-hunt extended; online demand surge; EBTs in HMRC’s sights; general tax disclosure facility; & rates forecast.

Limited company contractor witch-hunt threatens local authority brain drain
A BBC FOI request has extended the limited company contractor witch-hunt to local authorities, potentially widening the public sector brain drain.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 09/Mar/2012
News this week includes turbulent contracting markets; PCG launches ad campaign; AWR impact on hiring and claims forecast; & positive economic news.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief – 02/Mar/2012
News this week includes more on the public sector contractors row; the OTS on IR35; widening gender pay gap; static IT rates; and oil & gas prospects.

IR35 Changes in April 2012 should lead to ‘substantive progress’, says OTS
Contractors need “substantive progress” on IR35 administration, says the Office of Tax Simplification in its small business tax review final report.

ContractorCalculator Market Report March 2012
Contractors are facing highly volatile markets for their services, and those who adopt and apply sales and marketing skills will stay in contract.

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