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Contracting sector service providers and recruiters debate the future of umbrellas
ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin joined contracting sector service providers and recruiters to debate the future of umbrella companies post-AWR.

Agency Workers Regulations - Swedish Derogation could mitigate pay fears
Contracting clients’ fears of soaring costs may be allayed if service providers adopt the Swedish Derogation to the AWR, says Parasol’s Rob Crossland.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 25/Mar/2011
News this week includes Budget winners and losers; meet BIS to discuss AWD; Scottish contractor demand increases again; & contractor failures to fall.

Budget 2011 reaction - IR35 retained, as abolition risks falling tax revenues
Contractors must endure IR35 for the foreseeable future, until a possible merger of income tax and NI proposed in the 2011 Budget makes it irrelevant.

Contractors remain subject to IR35, while income tax and NI may merge – Budget 2011
Contractors remain subject to IR35 as the Chancellor George Osborne delivers a 2011 Budget that proposes the merger of income tax and NI.

IR35: Budget document reveals IR35 is to be "better administered" - not abolished
IR35 is here to stay for the foreseeable future, as the Budget document reveals that the Government choses the second option to better administer IR35

Budget 2011: Headline points for contractors - IR35 to be enforced better
Key points from the 2011 Budget affecting UK contractors and freelancers

Contractor Business Record Checks campaign by HMRC: free online risk assessment tool
Contractors concerned that their business records won’t pass inspection when HMRC starts checking 50,000 firms should use Business Link’s online tool.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 18/Mar/2011
News this week includes HMRC internal record keeping; financial IT contracting market stable; public sector freelancer boost; & self-employment rises.

Interim management contractors hit by downturn but gender pay gap has almost vanished
Interim management contractors are less busy & work shorter assignments than before the economic downturn, reveals new research on the interim sector.

HMRC admits it “does not hold” the vital data needed to evaluate OTS IR35 reforms
HMRC’s response to a ContractorCalculator Freedom of Information request shows HMRC “does not hold” data that’s vital to evaluate OTS’s IR35 reforms.

Privilege Accounts launched by contracting industry experts Roback and Stanton
Contractors “who don’t want to be part of a production line” have a greater choice of contractor accountant after the launch of Privilege Accounts.

UK contractors work in one of the world’s highest taxed countries – Adam Smith Inst
UK contractors work in one of the world’s highest taxed countries, yet such punitive tax levels raise less revenue, says the Adam Smith Institute.

Contracting experts mostly reject OTS IR35 suspension option, favouring alternatives
Contracting experts, with the exception of PCG, favour IR35 reform through the OTS options of better HMRC enforcement and a clear in-business test.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 11/Mar/2011
News this week includes options for IR35 reform; AWR guidance from BIS at last; contractor demand continues to increase; & global IT growth forecast.

IR35 reform not a done deal: OTS wants to hear from contracting sector on 3 options
Contractors are not facing a ‘done deal’ on IR35 - the OTS is calling for more debate on options for reform before sending final report to ministers.

IR35 review: OTS says suspend IR35 or enforce it better, then merge income tax and NI
The OTS recommends suspending or better enforcing IR35 as an interim measure, before merging income tax and NICs, which would make IR35 irrelevant.

Contractor demand increases as online recruitment reaches a two-year high
Contractor demand has increased across all contracting disciplines, with the Monster Employment Index revealing online recruitment at a two-year high.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 04/Mar/2011
News this week includes success for complaints against HMRC; manufacturing and construction sectors grow; and company car mileage rates change.

OTS tax relief report: little impact on contractors, but deeper tax issues flagged
The final report on tax reliefs by the Office of Tax Simplification will have little impact on contractors, but deeper tax issues are highlighted.

IR35: MBF Design – was it the IR35 case that got away amid the thousands HMRC caught?
In the period when contractor Mark Fitzpatrick was at Airbus, many contractors were found to be inside IR35; was MBF Design the one that got away?

ContractorCalculator Market Report March 2011
Contractors can feel slightly optimistic, particularly in some niche sectors, but the services sector is evolving into a market of winners and losers.

Tax rules are failing contractors, the OTS’s John Whiting tells ContractorCalculator
Tax rules have not kept pace with modern working patterns, says OTS Tax Director John Whiting in this exclusive interview with ContractorCalculator.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 25/Feb/2011
News this week includes new HMRC focus on tax evaders; growing online IT contractor demand; contracting gender pay gap revealed; and UK oil/gas boom.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 18/Feb/2011
News this week includes access to government contracts; Agency Workers Regulations to cost £1.5bn; mixed fortunes for IT contractors; & PCG ICT win.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 11/Feb/2011
News this week includes more workers choosing contracting as contractor demand increases; IR35 is here to stay; & Budget ideas invite for contractors.

Contracting work in huge demand as more workers choose to become contractors
Demand for contracting work has taken off, with ContractorCalculator’s reader numbers reaching record highs alongside highs in contract availability.

IR35: MBF Design Services v HMRC – key facts from the case for contractors to note
HMRC’s weak position and less than scrupulous methods show it should never have brought its IR35 case against MBF Design Services.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 04/Feb/2011
News this week includes IT skills shortages in gaming; HMRC warns offshore account holders; plus surges in worker and economic demand.

ContractorCalculator Market Report February 2011
Contractors are still facing an uncertain 2011, but so far that uncertainty is working in contracting’s favour, with contractor hiring above trend.

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