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Agency Workers Directive opt-out for UK contractors is looking increasingly likely
An Agency Workers Directive opt-out for UK contractors is being backed by UK parliament’s Regulatory Reform Committee Chairman Andrew Miller.

Contractors’ legitimate travel expenses must be safeguarded, says PCG to Treasury
The Professional Contractors Group is standing up to HM Treasury over the right of umbrella company contractors to continue claiming travel expenses.

3,400 IT contractors and workers to be axed from government contracts
EDS and Hewlett Packard have announced cuts in contracting and employee posts for workers on government contracts.

Contractors’ bank deposits are protected – up to a point
Contractors’ personal and business bank deposits are both protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, but only up to a point.

Service Providers Association advises Treasury on contractors’ travelling expenses
The Service Providers Association’s response to the Treasury consultation over contractors’ travelling expenses will be submitted within the week.

Agency Workers Directive looms, yet still no opt-out for contractors
With the Agency Workers Directive expected to come one step closer to becoming law today, what are the implications for contractors?

Contractor Calculator Market Report October 2008
Despite the financial turmoil and shrinking jobs market, not all is doom and gloom and canny contractors can find opportunities if they are flexible.

Contractors rates could decrease when HMRC withdraws clients’ VAT concessions in 2009
Concerns are growing that contracting rates may be hit when end-user clients in many sectors find their costs rising significantly,

Contractors’ clients can avoid litigation in IR35 cases like Dragonfly
Despite speculation of clients being sued in IR35 cases like the recent Dragonfly ruling, with no breach of contract clients avoid possible action.

Only ‘reasonable care’ will help contractors avoid IR35 penalties
Guidance from HMRC places a greater regulatory and financial burden on contractors, who have to demonstrate ‘reasonable care’ in every contract.

Demand for UK engineering contractors to rise due to new immigration rules
The new points based immigration system is likely to increase demand for UK engineering contractors, say technology recruiters.

Research reveals 1.4 million freelancers and contractors in the UK
Landmark research commissioned by the Professional Contractors Group reveals 1.4 million contractors and freelancers work in the UK.

Contractors to benefit from IT inshoring
An important IT director survey reveals that IT projects are coming back to the UK.

Remortgage market picks up with new opportunities for contractors
As the mortgage drought eases, contractors have wider remortgage options but Tony Harris of ContractorFinancials says forward planning is essential.

Contractors fill vital skills roles as government announces top worker shortages
As the government announces sectors that need boosting by migrant workers, contractors can take comfort that their skills are not listed.

Dragonfly verdict - “no massive additional exposure to IR35 risk”
Following analysis of the Dragonfly case, IR35 experts Qdos Consulting say that contractors should fear no major IR35 risk but must take action now.

Contractor Calculator Market Report September 2008
Contractors returning to work after the holiday season are faced with the unwelcome news that the Dragonfly IR35 appeal has been lost.

Dragonfly ruling means HMRC calling the shots on IR35 and contractor status
Following the Dragonfly ruling, it is beginning to look like HMRC is ahead in its campaign to classify many contractors as employees.

Accountax tight-lipped on loss of key Dragonfly IR35 appeal
Accountax, retained by the PCG to defend the Dragonfly IR35 case, is tight-lipped on the loss of the appeal and the impact on contractors.

Crucial Dragonfly Consulting IR35 appeal has been lost
The contracting sector is reeling after Dragonfly’s John Bessell loses a crucial IR35 appeal at the High Court.

Contractors choose contracting for more than just the tax breaks
After 20 years of intense tax legislation maybe it is time to give contractors a break. Most are not in it for the tax benefits.

Dragonfly decision could threaten IR35 defences for thousands of contractors
With the ruling by the High Court on the Dragonfly Consultancy Ltd. v HMRC case due shortly, a decision against the contractor Jon Bessell could threaten IR35 defences for tens of thousands of contractors.

Contractors resilient to credit crunch
ContractorCalculator’s latest survey of contractors reveals that the credit crunch is having a limited impact on the livelihoods of most. Some respondents fear the worst is yet to come, but most predict a stable future.

Contractors may lose out as IT recruiter goes into administration
Recruitment firm Greatfleet has gone into administration, putting some contractors at risk of not getting paid. ContractorCalculator looks at the story, and at the actions contractors can take to protect themselves.

ContractorCalculator market report August 2008
No news can be good news so, with holiday season underway, contractors can take comfort that predicted cuts in contracts have not materialised.

Contracting sector joins forces to defend contractors in treasury consultation
At a meeting hosted by Lawspeed, with the ContractorCalculator team in attendance, companies that support contractors agreed to offer a combined response to the Treasury’s consultation on umbrella company travel expenses.

Capping contractors’ travel expenses benefits no one
Studies conducted by ContractorCalculator show that should the government legislate against contractors claiming expenses, no one would benefit, least of all the Exchequer.

Contractor industry body moves to mitigate impact of treasury consultation
In the wake of the Treasury’s proposed consultation on contractor’s expenses, umbrella company industry body the Association of Employment Management Companies and Lawspeed announce a meeting to discuss the implications.

Treasury opens consultation on contractor expenses
HM Treasury have launched a consultation designed to investigate contractor umbrella companies that abuse travel expenses allowances.

Contractors’ group slams government with call for tax revamp
Calling for a major overhaul of UK taxation, the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has heavily criticised government, HMRC and HM Treasury in its treatment of contractors.

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