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IT contracting lessons in Agile Development for HMRC: IR35 and test-first taxation
IT contracting can offer HMRC lessons in the development of taxation and insights into why IR35 failed, writes ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin.

Contractor demand in Scotland soars, particularly for IT contractors
Contractor demand in Scotland grew again in December, and at a faster pace than the rest of the UK, according to the Bank of Scotland Report on Jobs.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 21/Jan/2011
News this week includes upbeat IT contractor prospects; new GAAR study; female interim numbers peak; high tech to boost economy; & offshore tax guide.

IR35 tribunal win for MBF Design Services confirms importance of MOO
Contractor Mark Fitzpatrick has secured an IR35 win with PCG’s help, with a tax tribunal clearing him of using his limited company to avoid tax.

IT contractors to see 500k new perm and contract posts created in UK over next decade
Contractors will benefit from IT sector growth of five times the national average over the next ten years, according to an e-skills UK forecast.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 14/Jan/2011
News this week includes sustained contractor demand; contractors benefit from economic uncertainty; and the UK is not such a bad place to pay tax.

Disguised employment crackdown launched in USA – will OTS or HMRC take tips from IRS?
In a crackdown on disguised employment, the US government has set aside $25m (£16m) to conduct random audits of 6,000 businesses.

Contracting demand rises again – REC/KPMG Report on Jobs
Contracting demand increases for the 17th month running, with engineering, manufacturing and IT contractors leading demand growth.

IR35 Solutions – Part 5: Conclusion – an interim, post-IR35 contractor tax landscape
ContractorCalculator summarises IR35’s current unworkable status and suggests what form an interim, post-IR35 contractor tax landscape might take.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 07/Jan/2011
News this week includes both good news and a warning for umbrella contractors; HMRC crackdown on lax bookkeeping; & 2011 contractor demand forecasts.

IR35 Solutions – Part 4: Why IR35 or any changes will never work
ContractorCalculator identifies why replacements for & successors to IR35 won’t work, in this fourth of a series of articles analysing IR35 solutions.

ContractorCalculator Market Report January 2011
Contractors are facing an uncertain 2011, with economic recovery not guaranteed. However, uncertainty presents opportunities as well as challenges.

Contractors warned due diligence vital as two umbrella companies go into liquidation
Contractors are urged to complete in-depth due diligence when considering signing up with umbrella services, following the liquidation of two firms.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 24/Dec/2010
News this week includes income shifting returns; contractors advise OTS; AWR implementation support; IT recession until 2012; & energy opportunities.

Income shifting measures could be revived, says OTS Tax Director John Whiting
Measures to tackle income shifting – the ‘family business tax’ – are on the Office of Tax Simplification agenda reveals OTS Tax Director John Whiting.

IR35 Solutions – Part 3: Why IR35 and its current enforcement is not working
ContractorCalculator examines why IR35’s intrinsic flaws make it unworkable, in this third of a series of articles analysing possible IR35 solutions.

Contractor demand in Scotland hits six-month high
IT, computing, engineering and construction contractors are in great demand in Scotland, according to the Bank of Scotland’s latest Report on Jobs.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 17/Dec/2010
News this week includes the end of EBTs; disappointing labour market statistics; OTS interim review; IT employees unhappy; & retail sector upbeat.

Contractor Employee Benefit Trust options end due to "disguised renumeration" laws
Legislation imposing income tax and NI contributions on remuneration from trusts could signal the end of the contractor Employee Benefit Trust option.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 10/Dec/2010
News this week includes contractors under tax scrutiny; contractor demand increases; HMRC real-time PAYE proposals; & manufacturing contractor boom.

IR35 Solutions – Part 2: The evolving context of IR35
ContractorCalculator identifies factors likely to affect IR35’s replacement, in this second of a series of articles analysing possible IR35 solutions.

IT contractor demand returns to growth, according to latest KPMG/REC Report on Jobs
Following a surprise fall in October’s IT contractor demand, the sector has recovered, with November’s KPMG/REC Report on Jobs showing growth.

ContractorCalculator Market Report December 2010
Contractors continue to experience modest increases in demand, marred only by a blip in IT. But the impact of public sector cuts has yet to bite.

Tax avoidance clampdown on ‘disguised remuneration’ and trusts could hit contractors
New government plans to clamp down on tax avoidance and ‘disguised remuneration’ could impact on contractors.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 03/Dec/2010
News this week includes contractor employment rights hopes dashed; contractors unscathed in autumn budget statement; and uncertain contractor demand.

IR35 Solutions – Part 1: Determining the objectives of IR35’s potential replacements
In the first of a series of articles analysing potential solutions to IR35, ContractorCalculator examines the objectives of IR35 and its replacements.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 26/Nov/2010
News this week includes Prime Ministerial praise for contractors; National Freelancers Day highlights; PCG research; & IT and oil & gas opportunities.

Contractor’s bid for employment rights denied as Tilson loses Tilson v Alstom appeal
Contractor Andrew Tilson has lost his appeal and been denied the right to claim for unfair dismissal from his former client Alstom Transport.

Contracting to become working norm - futurologist at freelancers talk
ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin reports on Dr James Bellini’s insights into the future of contracting, presented on National Freelancers Day.

Prime Minister David Cameron backs contractors to aid economic growth
David Cameron praises the courage of the UK’s 1.4m freelance workers and said they made a massive contribution to the nation’s economy.

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