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IR35 Solutions – Part 1: Determining the objectives of IR35’s potential replacements
In the first of a series of articles analysing potential solutions to IR35, ContractorCalculator examines the objectives of IR35 and its replacements.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 26/Nov/2010
News this week includes Prime Ministerial praise for contractors; National Freelancers Day highlights; PCG research; & IT and oil & gas opportunities.

Contractor’s bid for employment rights denied as Tilson loses Tilson v Alstom appeal
Contractor Andrew Tilson has lost his appeal and been denied the right to claim for unfair dismissal from his former client Alstom Transport.

Contracting to become working norm - futurologist at freelancers talk
ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin reports on Dr James Bellini’s insights into the future of contracting, presented on National Freelancers Day.

Prime Minister David Cameron backs contractors to aid economic growth
David Cameron praises the courage of the UK’s 1.4m freelance workers and said they made a massive contribution to the nation’s economy.

National Freelancers Day and beyond: PCG advances contractors’ causes on many fronts
What can contractors expect from National Freelancers Day on 23rd November and in the months ahead – PCG’s John Brazier talks to ContractorCalculator.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 19/Nov/2010
News this week includes a contractor voice in parliament; final preparations for National Freelancers Day; and positive labour market statistics.

IT contracting maintains recovery, but vacancies are still half pre-recession levels
The latest IT Salary Survey by reveals that the IT sector continues to grow, but opportunities fall short of pre-recession levels.

Contractors’ tax bills could soar, and IR35 ‘die’, under Mirrlees Review proposals
In its far-reaching review of the UK tax system, the Mirrlees Review recommends measures that could increase contractors’ tax bills and end IR35.

Contracting service provider calls for industry consensus over AWR implementation
Wide-ranging consensus is needed to find a workable solution to the implementation of the Agency Workers Regulations, says Parasol’s Rob Crossland.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 12/Nov/2010
News this week includes increased contractor demand; tax reliefs under threat; HMRC seeks soft targets; space sector growth; & locum costs soar.

Contractor tax reliefs under Office of Tax Simplification spotlight
The Office of Tax Simplification has published a list of over 1000 tax reliefs it plans to review, including many used by contractors to reduce tax.

Online accountants now offer contractors a genuine choice for professional services
Contractors seeking alternatives to expensive meetings with pinstriped professional advisers now have a genuine choice, says Crunch’s Darren Fell.

Contractors see sharp increase in contract opportunities in core contracting sectors
All core contracting disciplines have shown an increase in online job opportunities in October’s Monster Employment Index.

Contractors can opt-out of NEST pension but umbrella firms must offer schemes
The latest pension rule changes are broadly positive for contractors, says an expert IFA.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 05/Nov/2010
News this week includes last chance to enter PCG survey; tax gap threat from HMRC; IT contractor demand falls; and space sector escapes heavy cuts.

Contractors could face new HMRC investigation threat to fill UK’s tax gap
With HMRC receiving a £900m war chest, and a tax gap potentially as high as £125bn, is unwelcome attention likely to fall on contractors’ tax affairs?

ContractorCalculator Market Report November 2010
Contractors may actually benefit from opportunities following public sector spending cuts & job losses, as they did during the dark days of recession.

ContractorCalculator achieves over 100k unique visitors during recession – ABCe audit
ContractorCalculator received its sixth ABCe audit confirming >100k visitors a month, maintaining its contractor readership through a tough year.

Contractors face April 2011 pensions deadline as annual tax-free limits are reduced
On 14 October Chancellor George Osborne slashed pension allowances leaving many contractors in a race to top up payments before new rules kick in.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 29/Oct/2010
News this week includes progress with OTS IR35 review; pension law changes; IT contractor demand; surprise economic growth & oil & gas opportunities.

IR35 review making good progress as contracting expert joins ranks of new OTS team
The Office of Tax Simplification has announced good progress on its first two taxation reviews and recruited private sector experts to join its team.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 22/Oct/2010
News this week includes Spending Review & bank levy impact on contracting; AWR to remain unchanged; contractors lose pension relief; & new PCG survey.

Spending Review offers contractors positive news, but HMRC’s new fund causes concern
Spending Review to benefit contractors by investment in renewables and infrastructure, but will HMRC target flexible workers with its £900m war chest?

Contracting sector must adopt Agency Workers Regulations without changes
The contracting sector must implement the Agency Workers Regulations without amendments in October 2011, says employment minister Ed Davey.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 15/Oct/2010
News this week reports IT contractor cull at Lloyds; contractors to aid the economy; poor confidence hits contracts & property; and HMRC err – again.

Contractors’ pensions tax relief likely to be reduced by Coalition
Contractors face massive tax relief reductions, with the Treasury expected to announce new pension rules significantly cutting tax-free allowances.

Blow to IT contracting as Lloyds Banking Group axes over 1,000 contractors
Over 1,000 UK-based IT contractors are be terminated by Lloyds Banking Group, following the post-HBOS acquisition rationalisation of its IT base.

ContractorCalculator: Contracting news in brief - 08/Oct/2010
News this week includes jobs market stagnation; services growth stalls; potential conflict for offshore skills demand; & Mastermind sessions from PCG.

ICT contracting continues to grow, confirms Recruitment and Employment Confederation
The latest REC Technology report produced by e-skills UK confirms that demand for IT professionals has risen for four consecutive quarters.

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