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Contractor umbrella companies and their contractors sent fresh warning from HMRC
HMRC has launched another warning shot across the bows of umbrella companies, announcing renewed investigations into umbrellas and their contractors.

Contractor Calculator Market Report August 2009
Some of the UK’s major economic barometers are saying that the outlook is ‘less worse’. Will this lead to improved fortunes for contractors?

Contractors holiday pay ruling should make clients more supportive on IR35 status
Contractors could find clients much more helpful on IR35 status following a recent House of Lords ruling on holiday pay for ‘worker’ contractors.

Treasury targets construction contractors with false self-employment consultation
In a new consultation on ‘false self-employment’ released by HM Treasury, construction contractors face scrutiny that could impact on all contractors.

Contractor events are keeping contractors’ fingers on the pulse during tough times
Employment benefits company Tarpon’s contractor events are now well into their second year and proving to be a valuable resource for contractors.

Mixed news for contractors as the final BIS consultation on the AWD is held in London
Ltd company contractors probably excluded but umbrella contractors most likely included following the final consultation on the AWD at BIS in London.

Contractor termination disputes increase as the recession bottoms out
Contractors are increasingly facing termination disputes, which can get very complex and messy if not correctly approached and quickly dealt with.

Contractor Calculator Market Report July 2009
Contractors in some sectors can be cautiously optimistic after another month of mixed messages from the economy. But the pain continues for others.

Contractors inside IR35 may be able to claim employment rights after landmark ruling
Having been judged an Alstom employee despite years of contracting, Andrew Tilson has paved the way to some IR35 contractors claiming employee rights.

When an agent can be a contractor’s guardian angel
Ashley Cooper of agency Parc Ellis tells ContractorCalculator how they’ve been guardian angel to a contractor who faced being unpaid and out of work.

Exclusive: Conservatives pledge to support contractors and flexible workforce
Shadow corporate governance minister Jonathan Djanogly confirms Tory support for flexible workers in this exclusive ContractorCalculator interview.

Agency Workers Directive seminar reveals government threat to contractor livelihoods
The threat to contractors’ livelihoods from the AWD come from UK government, and not the EC, according to legal specialists, Lawspeed, and others.

Momentum builds to exclude contractors from ‘harmful’ Agency Workers Directive
The Association of Professional Staffing Companies adds its voice to the rising number of bodies calling for contractors to be outside the AWD.

Contractor market segmentation is the key to understanding the real impact of IR35
Deeper market insights reveal the real effect of IR35 on contractors, Parasol Group’s Rob Crossland told ContractorCalculator.

Contractor policy agenda advanced by key stakeholders at PCG seminar
Contractors’ priorities were debated by stakeholders at a PCG event in London yesterday attended by ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin.

Contractor Calculator Market Report June 2009
Some good news at last: while the recession is by no means over, several surveys point to a decelerating rate of decline. Are we near the bottom?

Contractor pensions – contributions cap blow to higher earners
Contractors at the top end of the earnings scale are penalised by a retrospective contributions cap seriously limiting their future pension income.

Contractors can qualify for government funded training support
Research from the FSB has revealed that huge numbers of microbusineses, including contractors, are missing out on training funded by the government.

Recruiter body defends contractors’ rights in new Agency Workers Directive proposals
The Association of Recruitment Consultancies proposes a two-tier system for the Agency Workers Directive that won’t impact on contractor livelihoods.

Contractors benefit as flexible working enters mainstream employment
As a new survey reveals how far UK workers are prepared to bend in order to safeguard their jobs, contractors will benefit from the client education.

Contractors urged to think like businesses, not employees, to survive the downturn
Contracting survival tips are offered here by ex-IT contractor, now online publisher, James Leckie, in this exclusive ContractorCalculator interview.

PCG’s revelation of IR35’s £1.5m per year tax take is (sadly) not the full story
PCG has used the Freedom of Information Act to reveal that the annual IR35 tax take from contractors is just £1.5m – but there’s more to the story.

Audit confirms Contractor Calculator’s growth and place at heart of UK contracting
ContractorCalculator’s latest audit by industry body (ABCe) confirms visitor numbers have increased again – good news for visitors and advertisers.

Contractor umbrella sector remains healthy despite moves towards consolidation
Contractors concerned about umbrella stability have choices, says Parasol Group’s Rob Crossland, in an exclusive interview with ContractorCalculator.

Contractor Calculator Market Report May 2009
Job availability down and company failures up – is the end in sight? Yes, according to UK managers, but you still need a telescope to spot it.

Chaplin gives contractors tips on thriving through the recession to London networkers
ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin shared valuable recession-beating strategies with contractors at a Tarpon hosted contractor event in London.

Contractors in firing line must act now, as HMRC plans hefty £1 billion tax clampdown
Contractors must urgently review their tax affairs, as inspectors are to get a £1 billion fund to target those they feel should be paying more tax.

Demand for IT contractors falls yet some roles remain ‘credit crunch resistant'
Demand for IT contractors continues to fall, but there are still recession proof roles out there, reveals the first e-skills bulletin of 2009.

First-ever National Freelancers Day set for 23rd November 2009
National Freelancers Day on 23rd November has been launched by the PCG to highlight and celebrate contractors’ and freelancers’ contribution.

New website freelance supermarket allows contractors and agents to rate each other is a brand new networking website for contractors with real-time league tables to show who is the cream of contracting.

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