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Off-payroll tax (IR35): How do the rules affect you?

What is the Off-Payroll Tax?

IR35 and the Off-Payroll legislation are two separate items of tax legislation aimed at countering perceived tax avoidance, specifically targeting limited company contractors and the firms that hire them.

For a contractor, being found ‘inside IR35’ could mean a reduction of tens of thousands of pounds of contracting income per year, without receiving the requisite employment rights that their deemed employment status would warrant. Under the Off-Payroll legislation, firms that engage contractors deemed to be within scope of the rules will also have to fund additional employment taxes, on top of the fees paid for hiring contingent workers.

Off-payroll rules - the facts:

  • IR35 and Off-Payroll targets "deemed employment" relationships.
  • HMRC is mainly targeting perceived loss of employer’s NICs, which firms do not pay if they hire contractors.
  • Off-Payroll requires medium and large hiring firms to assess the 'IR35 status' of contractors.
  • Hirers are required to take ‘reasonable care’ and assess contractors individually.
  • Agencies engaging with ‘inside IR35’ contractors assume responsibility for calculating and paying taxes.

If you are a genuine professional contractor, freelancer, interim or consultant who is in business on your own account, you should have nothing to fear from IR35 or Off-Payroll. This is so long as you take the time to understand how the legislation works and work with clients who are prepared to treat you fairly.

You can start by using our Off-Payroll calculator to understand how much extra tax each party has to pay if the status is 'inside IR35'.

Off-payroll Tax Calculator - calculate the cost of being caught

Please enter your details to calculate the impact of Off-Payroll on you and your hirer:

NOTE: The tax calculations under the IR35 legislation are different, and are higher for the contractor. Please use our IR35 Calculator if you wish to calculate your tax under the original legislation.

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Find out your IR35 status in 15 minutes

Use our simple online assessment to analyse and check whether you fall inside HMRC’s rules. This assessment, developed by experts, will cover all potential risk areas and help evaluate your status.


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