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A Decade of Uncertainty: Tribunal Errors Prolong Adrian Chiles' IR35 Nightmare
After ten years and three tribunal hearings, the nightmare continues for the IR35 case involving broadcaster and writer Adrian Chiles.

2024 UK General Election: A Freelancers Manifesto for Growth
The Freelance Manifesto for Growth has been launched, calling on political parties to secure the votes of the flexible workforce.

BREAKING: Tribunal sends IR35 case back to square one after 10 years
The tax case between HMRC and RALC Consulting is remitted to the First-tier Tribunal to be re-examined

McCann Media Limited IR35 Appeal dismissed by Upper Tribunal
McCann Media Limited has lost its appeal against a First-tier Tribunal (FTT) decision which found IR35 applied to the engagements with Sky Sports.

HMRC CEST tool not updated for five years reveals FOI
New information should alarm firms engaging contractors. HMRC's IR35 Tool has not been updated in five years and is out of date.

HMRC Taken to Task Over Flawed IR35 Reform Implementation
The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has delivered a scathing review of HMRC’s implementation of reforms to the IR35 off-payroll working rules.

HMRC team throws in towel on costly Atholl House IR35 case involving Kaye Adams
After 10 years and four hearings, HMRC finally gives up trying to prove Kaye Adams is a deemed employee under the IR35 legislation.

MPs accuse "overmighty" HMRC of "abusing" power like the Post Office
Parliamentary debate signals the start of a possible root-and-branch reform of HMRC to curb abuse of power by the state.

Have You Been Denied Holiday Pay? Act Now to Claim What's Yours
Worked through an umbrella company and wrongly had holiday pay withheld. Claim by joining a no-win no-fee group legal action.

Atholl House - Kaye Adams wins 9-year IR35 case against HMRC
In the fourth IR35 appeal by Atholl House Productions Limited involving broadcaster Kaye Adams, HMRC has failed again to prove Ms Adams was caught by IR35.

Holiday Pay Reform: New laws bring clarity for casual and part-time workers
New Employment Rights Regulations will clarify holiday pay for casual and part-time workers from 1 January 2024.

HMRC must be held accountable for umbrella compliance failures
Crawford Temple say the Public Accounts Committee must challenge HMRC on why data is not being exploited more effectively.

Survey unveils worrying levels of non-compliance in the umbrella industry
Survey reveals alarming non-compliance and lack of worker protections within the umbrella industry.

The BIG Umbrella Survey: Please help shape future regulation NOW!
By spending 6 minutes completing the survey, you can help directly inform Government policy to improve umbrella working conditions.

Government publishes consultation to regulate the umbrella market
The Government publishes an analysis of the role of umbrella companies with solutions to potential interventions to prevent non-compliance with tax and rights.

Free CEST checker unveiled to help businesses with IR35 status determinations
A brand-new free CEST determination checker is set to help thousands of businesses and contractors with their IR35 status determinations.

Off-payroll (IR35) legislative fix is underway, to apply from April 2017
The government has finally decided to implement a legislative solution from 6 April 2024 to fix the double-taxation flaw in the IR35 reforms.

IR35 breakthrough – a new underwriter agrees to pay everyone's tax bill
Breaking news on the IR35 scene – a new underwriter has agreed to pay the entire market's tax bills if clients get the determination wrong.

Eamonn Holmes IR35 tax appeal dismissed by Upper-tribunal
The appeal by Eamonn Holmes to overturn the decision of the First-tier tax tribunal regarding his IR35 case has not been successful.

Gary Lineker wins IR35 tax case against HMRC
Gary Lineker has won his multi-year battle against HMRC, having been wrongly accused by HMRC of underpaying £4.9m in tax.

'Fix or ditch' the Off-payroll IR35 Reforms, says ContractorCalculator
The Government must fix the flaws with straightforward changes or ditch the legislation and reverse the damage harming our flexible workforce.

IR35 appeal upheld – Sky TV pundit Stuart Barnes defeats HMRC
The Tribunal upheld an IR35 appeal relating to services provided by rugby expert Stuart Barnes at Sky TV.

Autumn Statement - contracting market outlook
The Autumn Statement 2022 may mean the highest taxes for 50 years and no cancellation of IR35, but the contracting market will still thrive.

BREAKING: Repeal of IR35 Reforms scrapped by Jeremy Hunt
The Conservative's plan to repeal the Off-payroll reforms has now been scrapped and will not now go ahead. He Off-payroll rules

Off-payroll repealed – but IR35 still lives after April 2023
As the Government signals intentions for the next Finance Bill, to repeal the Off-payroll working rules, reverting to original IR35, Dave Chaplin explains what led to its downfall, and what businesses, agencies and contractors, should do next.

BREAKING: Off-payroll IR35 Reforms to be repealed from April 2023
The Chancellor has today committed to repealing the Off-payroll legislation, which were supposed to reform IR35, but instead held businesses back.

£8m tax windfall awaits HS2 suppliers after HMRC legislative blunder
HS2 annual accounts reveal £9.5m worth of tax errors made when implementing the IR35 reforms, which could bizarrely mean a Treasury loss of up to £8m due to legislative hole.

Government 4-year deliberation on employment status yields nothing
After 162 responses spent 4-years at the back of a digital cupboard going out of date, the Government finally dusted them off and decided to do nothing. Zilch. Ditto.

Third IR35 case involving BSkyB dismissed at FTT - Alan Parry Productions Ltd
The FTT has not upheld a third IR35 tribunal decision regarding commentator services provided to BSkyB.

Fresh evidence exposes fundamental flaws in HMRC IR35 CEST Tool
A recent webinar proves HMRC's IR35 tool rarely conducts multi-factorial assessments for "Outside IR35" determinations, putting clients in danger.

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