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Contractor umbrellas companies: Page 1

Umbrella workers should get more than 80% of NMW under JRS, says FCSA
The FCSA has called on Government to clarify the JRS amid concern that umbrella workers will only receive an entitlement based on an NMW pay rate.

Umbrella holiday pay: Are you receiving your full entitlement?
Contractors asked to work via umbrella companies by hirers following the Off-Payroll legislation should understand their holiday pay entitlements.

Counting the true cost of a contractor umbrella company – contractor checklist
Contractors can use Contractor Calculator’s checklist to spot the hidden costs in advertised umbrella company fees.

Choosing an umbrella services company
This guides explains the many factors to consider when choosing an umbrella company. Follow our advice to get the best.

Joining a contractor umbrella scheme - 5 simple steps
Decided to use an umbrella provider? This short guide explains the five simple steps to take to get started. Find out more

What is a PAYE umbrella company?
Learn how a PAYE umbrella model works. It's simple, quick, and you can be up and running within a day. Find out more.

What are umbrella schemes for contractors?
Explains what umbrella companies are and how contractors use them.

Reasons and practicalities of moving from an umbrella to a limited company
Discusses the reasons and steps to take to move from an umbrella arrangement to a limited company.

Warning: Umbrella companies making advance gross payments aren’t compliant with law
Public sector contractors are at risk from a new dodgy umbrella scheme which makes use of ‘bonus’ payments which are liable for tax at a later date.

Umbrella contractors can’t open limited companies to claim T&S relief
Umbrella companies don’t have to consider adopting risky operating models to continue processing contractor T&S, thanks to a new SDC testing solution.

Umbrella companies – the three main tax models available for contractors
The Contractor umbrella market is segmenting in response to recent changes in legislation with three main models now being used.

Contractor T&S changes: Who is liable for unpaid tax and NICs?
Umbrella companies needn’t worry about incurring tax for falsely processing T&S expenses for contractors, thanks to a new SDC testing solution.

Umbrella contractors can still claim travel and subsistence – here’s how
Umbrella contractors can continue to claim T&S expenses without making excessive admin demands of their firms, thanks to a new SDC testing solution.

Contractor umbrella companies face huge burden checking for SDC
Umbrella companies who want to continue processing T&S expenses tax relief for contractors are faced with a heavy compliance burden, experts warn.

How umbrella company contractors calculate holiday pay when on maternity leave
Umbrella contractors can find claiming holiday pay on maternity leave complex, but it does not have to be, says Pulse Umbrella Group’s Chris Futcher.

Umbrella company contractors could lose ongoing expenses tax relief from April 2016
Umbrella company contractors will have to claim expenses through yearly self-assessment tax returns, unless a clause in the Finance Act is repealed.

How umbrella company contractors can calculate their holiday entitlements and pay
Umbrella company contractors can work out their holiday entitlement using a standard calculation, explains Pulse Umbrella Group’s Chris Futcher.

Umbrella contractor expenses Budget clampdown may be averted by FCSA HoP event
The feared umbrella contractor expenses clampdown expected in the Budget may be averted or diluted as MPs are briefed at the Houses of Parliament.

Umbrella contractors unlikely to be affected by holiday pay ruling
Umbrella company contractors employed by compliant providers are unaffected by the EAT holiday pay ruling, says Parasol’s Juliet Byrne.

Contractor umbrella company checklist updated to include new questions, including AWR
Contractors can access an updated Contractor Umbrella Pricing – Costs and Benefits to Consider checklist including new questions on benefits and AWR.

Umbrella contractors could face tighter expenses regime from 2013 Budget
Contractors are likely to see greater regulation of expenses, says Parasol, which is introducing expenses reforms for its contractors.

Contractor guide to understanding umbrella company payslips
Contractors receiving their first umbrella company payslip may benefit from help to understand the calculations, says Chris Futcher of Pulse Umbrella.

Pension auto-enrolment for umbrella company contractors explained
Contractors working via umbrella companies will be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme but can opt out, explains Parasol’s MD Derek Kelly.

What contractors should do if their umbrella company goes bust
Contractors must protect themselves up front and move on if their umbrella company goes bust, say Parasol’s Rob Crossland and ClearSky’s Derek Kelly.

Contracting sector service providers and recruiters debate the future of umbrellas
ContractorCalculator CEO Dave Chaplin joined contracting sector service providers and recruiters to debate the future of umbrella companies post-AWR.

Umbrella companies: Common questions and issues explained
Contractors like to stay on top of their careers but can be misinformed. Lesley Sweetman from Parasol exposes the top myths about umbrella companies.

Umbrella companies, IR35 compliance & HMRC approval – contractors should be cautious
You should beware of umbrellas claiming compliance, HMRC approval & special dispensations.

Contractors warned due diligence vital as two umbrella companies go into liquidation
Contractors are urged to complete in-depth due diligence when considering signing up with umbrella services, following the liquidation of two firms.

Best umbrella company – 10 tips for contractors to choose
Contractors caught and unsure of how long they will be contracting could find a PAYE umbrella company solution is their best option.

Umbrella contractors to benefit from new expenses rules
Government recommends changes to the expenses rules following a National Minimum Wage consultation potentially benefitting umbrella contractors.