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Section 660: Page 1

Contractors could pay 10% more in the treasury’s Arctic Systems attack
The latest Treasury attack on contractors comes in the wake of the Arctic Systems Case and attempts to increase our tax burden.

Contractors who work with spouses need to understand arctic systems
The Arctic Systems case, which the Revenue definitively lost on July 26, does have an effect on how contractors run their companies.

The house of lords has upheld the appeal by Arctic Systems
The House of Lords announced that the appeal by Arctic Systems has been upheld.

How much may contractors pay their spouses? arctic systems will decide
The Arctic Systems case, currently before the House of Lords, will determine how contractors share income with their spouses who work with them in the future.

Lords expected to support arctic systems verdict
Legal observers expect the Inland Revenue to lose its appeal in the Arctic Systems case.

What is section 660?
What is Section 660? An overview of the legislation and how it affects contractors.

Arctic section 660 hearing postponed until 2007
The landmark tax case between Geoff Jones of Arctic Systems and HM Revenue and Customs will not be heard until after next year’s income tax self-assessment deadline has passed.

HMRC take arctic systems case to house of lords
HMRC will attempt to overturn Arctic Systems ruling .

Section 660: arctic win appeal
Victory for family businesses as PCG and Arctic win appeal

PCG announces earlier appeal date for Arctic
Landmark tax case brought forward to November 2005.

Section 660a: date set for Arctic appeal
Landmark tax case appeal set for January 2006.

Section 660a - minimising an inspection and potential penalties
Advice and guidance for avoiding the 'husband and wife’ tax.

PCG takes arctic case to court of appeal
PCG announces that it will take landmark Section 660A case to Court of Appeal.

Section 660a: full judgement revealed
Revenue to target consultants in the wake of the Arctic Systems case.

PCG to host Arctic s660a seminar
The PCG are hosting a Section 660A seminar following the recent judgment of the landmark S660A Arctic case.

Section 660a: news round up
Latest news and reports on the recent Section 660a ruling.

Section 660 appeal result: news round up
News and opinions from experts on the recently lost Section 660A appeal.

Section 660: arctic systems lose appeal
Geoff and Diana Jones of Arctic Systems have lost their landmark Section 660A appeal.

Summary of the arctic systems s660a high court appeal
Details of the Arctic Systems S660A appeal held in the High Court recently.

PCG and arctic systems at high court 16 March 2005
High Court hearing of the landmark Arctic Systems S660 case begins.

Leading tax lawyer supports PCG and Arctic in s660 test case
With two weeks to go before the High Court appeal, a leading tax lawyer has explained his reasons.

Arctic systems s660 case appeal dates
PCG announces Arctic High Court appeal dates.

Tax bodies disappointed with revenue 660 guidance
Six tax professional bodies have expressed disappointment at the new Inland Revenue guidance on the settlements rules, published last week.

PCG to appeal Arctic in wake of new revenue guide
The PCG has confirmed its decision to appeal the Arctic Systems case at the High Court.

New revenue guidance on section 660
The Inland Revenue has published a new guidance booklet on Section 660.

Arctic section 660 case – where are we now?
Further comment from Qdos Consulting on the Arctic Systems Section 660 case.

PCG urges public to back tax appeal
The PCG is calling for public support to fund its appeal against a recent case which has huge implications for tens of thousands of family businesses.

Row over s660a family company tax is out of proportion
The great majority of husband and wife companies need not panic following last week’s tax ruling.

Government gives conflicting advice on 660a
The Government website Business Link is advising small businesses that they can use regular share dividends to ‘top up’ remuneration of family members.

How much will section 660 cost contractors?
This article explains which contractors will be affected by Section 660 and how much it will affect them financially.